Tirumeyachur Ambal

Thanks to Sri Raja Gurukkal for sharing this wonderful ambal photo (beautiful alankaram) along with annadhanam photos and vessels etc. He has engraved “SOK” in the vessel to reflect our contribution. Although I said that it is not needed to do that as our goal was only to be part of ambal’s kainkaryam and not to get an engraving, he insisted that – I agreed.

Thanks to all devotees who supported. With all your support, the temple is very well self-sufficient from the kitchen needs. Ambal’s neiveidhyams will be done in their own kitchen using their own pathrams….

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  1. raja gurukkal’s number pl.

  2. What is S.O.K.

  3. raja gurukkal’s contact details pl-i have not recorded this info,though was available.

  4. Just a thought.. In most of the temples, photographing the deities, particularly the moolavar is strictly forbidden. It is all the more rigorous in temples like Kamakashi, Meenakshi, Thiruvanaikaval…. etc. Obviously they had a reason for restricting it.. It is somehow glaring to see the priest himself taking a picture and circulating it to his friends and well wishers.(however well intentioned) If the priest himself can take a picture at his whim, then why prevent a devotee, when he attempts to take a picture or starts a live feed on FB….
    Even though I am very happy to see the picture here and and am thankful for sharing it on this Navarathiri day, I think and feel that this should not be done…

    • You are correct. Taking pictures of Moolavar is not allowed in many ancient temples. In one of the upanyasams of Shri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy he had mentioned about it as well. It is rather unfortunate that the priest himself who has a responsibility to guide others had to resort to this. Rama Rama

    • Panam Patthum Seiyum. Amicha Gurukkala Solradha Ila potta blog admin ah solradha. Both have Bhakthi and good intentions. So, I think it’s fine as long as the readers don’t misuse this photo.

      But, this temple’s deity has already been videographed many times with Lalitha Sahasranamam and sold as DVDs by the shops near temple. There’s a Lalitha Sahasranamam programme in SAI TV everyday morning where they show the moolavar sannidhi.

      To add, HH Sannidhanams have allowed the telecast of Sharadhambal on Sankara TV.

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