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  1. Here is an English translation.
    !. Coconut with the full fibre cover.
    2.Piece of sandalwood + brass vessel
    3.Til (gingelly) + brass vessel
    4.Gold coin
    5.Ghee + brass vessel
    6. Dhoti of the size 9×5 ( Dhoti + Angavastram, not towel). Usually this is available as a set in Tamil Nadu..
    7. Grain (not specified) + brass vessel
    8. Jaggery + brass vessel
    9, Silver coin
    10.Salt+ brass vessel
    11. 6 brass vessels
    12. Betel leaves, betel nut and plantain fruits
    13. Powder of roasted rice
    14. Panchapatram+ udrani+ water pot. ( mug with round neck) ( The metal is not specified. Since the other vessels are of brass, it may be inferred that these may be also of brass. May be ascertained)

    Note.1. Brass vessel may be like a bowl, cup (without handle), chalice (without handle) The size may be ascertained.

    Note:2. The specific item to be given as dhanam may depend upon the purpose or dosha for which it is the intended parihara. In that case, specific instructions should be sought from the Ghanapatigal/ Sastrigal in individual cases.

    • Thank you very much for the translation sir.

      While dhanam can be done for the purpose of dosha or pariharam, in this case, the dhanam we do to a Sath Brahmana is done for the occasion as it reaps multiple benefits to do during Maha Pushkaram. Rama Rama

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