Sri Balaperiyava in Kizhambi Adishtanam

Thanks to Sri Guruvayurappan for the video…. All devotees who are visiting Kanchipuram should go to this place. This is very close to Kanchipuram – maybe 20-30 mts. Very beautiful place…..I read one article long back (I think it was shared here too – from Sri Ganapathisubramanian) about this Periyava’s tireless service to Kanchi Matam in those days. It is not enough for us to just stop with knowing about these three Periyavas alone and should take some effort to know about others too to know the greatness of all our acharyas!

At some point in the past, I heard that nithya pujas were not happening here due to lack of support etc. I sincerely hope that that is resolved now. No adishtanam should go through any financial struggle that prevents nithya puja. (my humble opinion).

Periyava sharanam!


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  1. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE CONTACT MOBILE NUMBER OF pUJA sTHANIKAR.. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO Sri Ravi and Sri J.G,Murthy arranged Sahsra chandihomam and Athirudhram at thjis Adishtanam. I was fortunate to attend for one day.

    • 9944022286 is the number of the Puja Sthanikar. Call him atleast a day in advance and it is better to take him with you as he is quite old and depends on auto to reach the Adhishtanam.

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