Update from Tirumeyachur 1

Ever since we posted about the request for support on Tirumeyachur needs, I have been getting daily updates from Sri Raja gurukkal on the calls, amounts that he has been receiving etc. Today, he called me to confirm that along with a set of devotees from Kanchipuram, he went to a vessel shop in/near Kumbakonam and bought all the vessels needed. Our sincere thanks to the sets of devotees, who went to Kumbakonam to pay for the vessels etc. He is yet to buy the stoves for the kitchen (which would be roughly 30K or so) and make arrangements for the annadhanam etc. If you need more details, please contact him directly. I am just communicating what he updated me this morning. On behalf of the temple management, he conveyed their heartfelt thanks to all of the donors in getting the new vessels for ambal. He is very happy that these vessels would last for a very long time to make neiveidhyam for ambal. She is the triloka maharani and all we are doing is a very tiny service to Her. It is Her blessings for us to participate in such kainkaryam right at Navarathiri times. It is all Her blessings and Mahaperiyava blessings for giving us an opportunity.

I will post more updates as I hear from him.



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