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  1. In TN, even the judges – who eat from tax payers hard work (rather than a more dignified life of directly contributing goods / services = some value to consumers, making an earning out of that and eat from that earning) demand a separate lane for them to drive around. When i lived in Muscat, the King used to drive like anyone else unless there is a STATE VISIT or STATE function. Will not be surprised if even entertainers (cinema, cricket, music people) who only destroy a lot of productive hours and make a huge endorsement killing are given VIP treatment. THESE VIPs (like Guv, ministers, bureaucrats, judiciary, media and enetrtainers) will deprive common people a lot of space. Road space, bathing ghat spaces and even public spaces will be hijacked and common people will jostle around for available little space. I observed this in MAHAMAHAM a few years ago.The whole of TN is under this VIP CULTURE .GOD’S WAYS ARE MYSTERIOUS. People can’t live without food and water but certainly can live with smart phone, TV, petrol, car and many such. But those who are engaged in production, distribution (certainly superior to those parasite professions where they eat tax payers salary than working to add net real positive value and earning) make a lot more money because people are ready to pay higher prices. But farmers are economically so weak. Water is scarce but free. Labour is abundant but unionised and SKILLs that deliver performance are scarce. JUST SHARING MY OBSERVATION. I am at peace with all these because these are all DIVINE LEELA for some reason that is beyond my comprehension. Probably a day will come when only those who produce / deliver NET REAL POSITIVE VALUE are considered humans and rest are considered parasites

    • narayana+ You are right. Not only in TN, throughout India, this VIP culture is prevalent. The reason is given long ago in Srimad Bhagavatam. There in the 12th Skandam, it says clearly that in Kali Yuga . the rulers will not be Kshatriyas ie those who are by heredity and upbringing devoted to ruling as Dharma. It also says that they will be like thieves, and taxes will be oppressive, most taxes going to maintain the ruling class. [For certain practical reasons, it is not advisable to explain the whole thing in greater detail or more explicitly.]
      This of course applies to all over the world. In most countries hereditary Royals have been dispensed with, but the Presidents who are elected/chosen plunder the countries and accumulate wealth abroad, often by foul means. Whatever text books may say, democracy only means mobocracy, and only the lowest common standards will prevail.

      I only want to say that all this is not Divine ‘Leela”. Generally we use the word “leela” in a loose sense, meaning ‘play” or sport. But this is not the real meaning of the Tamil word. For instance, Kambar in his Ramayana says in the prayer:
      உலகம் யாவையும் தாம் உளவாக்கலும்
      நிலைபெறுத்தலும் நீக்கலும் நீங்கலா
      அலகு இலா விளையாட்டு உடையார் அவர்
      தலைவர் அன்னவர்க்கே சரண் நாங்களே.
      Here in the third line, ‘விளையாட்டு’ is usually translated by academics as play or leela. But when we witness so much suffering in the world, can we say this is all ‘leela’ or sport for Bhagavan? Is he so cruel?
      No. The real meaning of the word is that God has created all these many worlds just like that, without any effort- ie without much work. It is seen that when something great is accomplished in any field with little effort, we say in a popular way, “Oh, he just did it like play- it is like play to him- ஓ, அவன் விளையாட்டாகவே செய்து முடித்துவிட்டான்!,
      This is the real meaning of the word விளையாட்டு or leela. [ This is how learned Srivaishnavas explain this word.]
      So what we witness now is not Divine Leela but grotesque human misdeeds, which result when high positions are occupied by people without due competence. It is more like what we express through the Tamil saying: அல்பத்துக்கு அரைக்காசு அகப்பட்டால் அர்த்த ராத்ரியில் குடைபிடிக்கும்.
      Your observation about Net Real Positive Value is the secret of the old Indian ( village)economy where, in the absence of money, everyone had to contribute something to make a living. In the absence of money as medium of exchange and store of value, wealth did not consist of mere money (which is today fiat money, having no intrinsic value), but other things which were acquired by labour. Paper (and now plastic) money has rendered trading easy, has made trading in useless goods and services attractive and profitable, and has divorced productivity from profits and wealth. This is of course a different topic.

  2. Great job Mahalakshmi Mami. We need more selfless people like this. Kudos to you.

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