Tamil Ashotram for Mahaperiyava


One of our Chicagoland devotees has compiled a beautiful 108 namavalis for Mahaperiyava and she is a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba as well. Very nice namavalis…I am sure that we may have several devotees who could relate some experience/incidents related to each of the namavali!

  1. Om ShreeSai-Periyava Potri
  2. Om DwarakamayeeKanchi vasane potri
  3. Om Dattathreya Avathara potri
  4. Om Adi shankarane potri
  5. Om Vaeppamarathadiyil thondrinay potri
  6. Om Ammaiappane potri
  7. Om Thaayumanavane potri
  8. Om Parama Guruve potri
  9. Om Parabrahmane potri
  10. Om Karunamoorthiye Potri
  11. Om Karunaikadale potri
  12. Om Kaval deiyvame potri
  13. Om Perinba vadive potri
  14. Om Dheenadayala potri
  15. Om Solketta Vinayagare potri
  16. Om Sevi saaykum Ganapathiye potri
  17. Om Dakshinamoorthiye potri
  18. Om Chandramouleeswara piriyane potri
  19. Om Kamakshi maindhane potri
  20. Om SivaRamaKrishnaMaruthi vadive potri
  21. Om Lakshmi Narasimhane potri
  22. Om Maha Vishnuve potri
  23. Om Padmavathy thaaye potri
  24. Om Kaasi Viswanathane potri
  25. Om Visalakshi Devi potri
  26. Om Meenakshi Sundareswarane potri
  27. Om Meenakshi Ammaye potri
  28. Om Vaidheeswarane potri
  29. Om Thayyal Naayakiyae potri
  30. Om Kaalabhairavane potri
  31. Om Kunjitha paadha guruve potri
  32. Om Lalithambikaye potri
  33. Om saraswathiyai naavil kondavane potri
  34. Om Mahalakshmi Thaaye potri
  35. Om Seethapathiye potri
  36. Om Srirama dhoothane potri
  37. Om Garbharakshambikaye potri
  38. Om Kamadhenuve potri
  39. Om Gomatha potri
  40. Om Navagraha nayakane potri
  41. Om Olikodukkum Sooriyane potri
  42. Om Kulirmiguntha Chandirane potri
  43. Om Selvamalikkum Sevvay potri
  44. Om Koorntha Budhialikkum Budhane potri
  45. Om Yaettram tharum Guruve potri
  46. Om Sukamalikkum Sukkirane potri
  47. Om Karmavinaigal theerkkum Sani Bhagavane potri
  48. Om Santhosham Kodukkum Raahu- Kethuve potri
  49. Om Veda parayana piriyane potri
  50. Om Annadhana piriyane potri
  51. Om Pidiarisi dharma piriyane potri
  52. Om Thaneeril Vilakkaetriyavane potri
  53. Om Thirupugazh nayakane potri
  54. Om Sahasranama piriyane potri
  55. Om Pradhosha nayakane potri
  56. Om Sarvarogam kalaibavane potri
  57. Om Manathuyar neekubhavane potri
  58. Om Maanam kaapavane potri
  59. Om Innalkal theerpavane potri
  60. Om Achcham agatrubhavane potri
  61. Om Kuzhanthaivaram alippavane potri
  62. Om Kuzhanthaikalai kaapavane potri
  63. Om Selvam thanthuarulbhavane potri
  64. Om Anbana Thaaye potri
  65. Om Kandikkum Thanthaye potri
  66. Om Engalay Kaakum Guruve potri
  67. Om Dharmathin thalaivane potri
  68. Om Paadhaiyaathirai piriyane potri
  69. Om Paavam kalaibhavane potri
  70. Om Udal nalam kaapavane potri
  71. Om SowMangalyam alippavane potri
  72. Om Ethikkilum arulbavane potri
  73. Om Shaantha Vadive potri
  74. Om Peru vaazhvu koduppavane potri
  75. Om Kulam Kaakum deiyvame potri
  76. Om Bhakthan azhaikkum mun varubhavane potri
  77. Om Dhayaaparane potri
  78. Om Elakkai malai piriyane potri
  79. Om Thuyar kalaibhavane potri
  80. Om Gho Samrakshakane potri
  81. Om Kanneer thudaippavane potri
  82. Om Dhairiyam thanthuarulbhavane potri
  83. Om Eppozhudhum thunaiyay nirppavane potri
  84. Om Thanimai agatrubhavane potri
  85. Om Nal vaazhvu alippavane potri
  86. Om Meignyanam arulbhavane potri
  87. Om Kaettavaram koduppavane potri
  88. Om Dhandam yendhiyavane potri
  89. Om Irul agatrubhavane potri
  90. Om Nal vazhi kaattum Guruve potri
  91. Om Thakka samayathil uthavum Guruve potri
  92. Om Linga vadive potri
  93. Om Moovulagum arivaay potri
  94. Om Karma Vinay theerppay potri
  95. Om Guru Poojai Nayakane potri
  96. Om Bhaktharkalin thuyarathai yaetrukolbhavane potri
  97. Om Nallarivu Koduppavane potri
  98. Om Kalvignyanam Arulbhavane potri
  99. Om Aganthaiyai azhippavane potri
  100. Om Maayavalaiyilirunthu Kaappavane potri
  101. Om Anbu Niraintha thaaye potri
  102. Om Maha Mruthyunjayane potri
  103. Om Bhakthanin ishta roopathil darisanam koduppavane potri
  104. Om Adaikkalam pugunthorai Kaathu Rakshippavane potri
  105. Om Aanandam alippavane potri
  106. Om Kanavinil darisanam tharubhavane potri
  107. Om Shree Maha Periyava Potri Potri
  108. Om Shree Shirdi Sai Baba Potri Potri

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshwara:
Gurur Saakshaath Parabrahma
Thasmai shree Gurave Nama:

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5 replies

  1. I fully agree with Harish ganpati each saint has his own bhakthas and kindly don’t mix them please

  2. Dear Admin,

    You are very clear that the blog is dedicated to Sri Perivaa and activities connected to Srimutt. What is the reason to adulterate with one more saint ? I respect all. I wish the admin stand on his own rules.


    PS : Each saint is important.,., Kindly don mix one with other.,., Not good.

  3. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai & Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  4. Tamil astothiram in english alphpets is wrong matching should have been typed in tamil script. Laxman.

  5. Sri Periyava Sharanam. Om Sai Ram. Thank you. It’s beautiful.

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