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  1. If one recites with proper accents Indrakshi Stotram and Shiva Kavacham with dedication and devotion, one can find its fruitful results as they are very powerful .

  2. Where from we can down;load the Indrakshi and Siva kavacha Stotras as recited in the above You Tube page?

  3. Indrakshi Stotram and Shiva Kavacham are very powerful. The full power is seen [experienced] when they are recited by persons who have received it in the proper manner, and attained proficiency {siddhi] by their japa and parayana the prescribed number of times. These cannot be picked up casually. The learner has to fulfil some qualifications, and the instructor should have attained proficiency.
    It has been recorded that when Kavyakantah Ganapati Sastry recited the Indrakhi Stotra, there would be thunder and lightning.
    I have a personal experience of Shiva Kavacham- its power and effect. When my mother [ 90+] was bedridden in her last days, she used to get restless towards the evening [ sandhi =sun set time] She was troubled by something, it seemed. A Ghanapatigal who visited us one day observed this. He didn’t say anything. The next morning, after his anushtana was completed, he did some sankalpa and recited the Shiva Kavacham three times non-stop. That evening my mother was not troubled, and the trouble did not recur thereafter. This is what we witnessed in 2012.
    AS the Ghanapatigal was reciting , we recorded it on the computer. But he told us that for any stotra or mantra to be really effective-
    i. it should be recited alive, Recordings were not at all effective.
    ii. it should be recited by persons who had received the mantra/stotra from a competent Guru, and who had themselves attained some competence by reciting it the prescribed number of times.
    iii, it should be recited with full concentration, from memory, without interruption or distraction. It
    should not be read from books.
    iv. It should be recited strictly in the prescribed chandas (meter). Clothing them in attractive ragas with musical accompaniments/interludes was not proper. it would render the mantra/stotra ineffective.
    v. For ordinary occasions, we may listen to a properly made recording, but we should chant along with it. Recording made with our own voice- however unattractive it may be for others- may work for us to a limited extent, when we were unable to recite for some reason. But even then, we should mentally follow it..
    I am sharing this for what it is worth for the benefit of fellow devotees.

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