A centenarian recollects his experience with Mahaperiyava

Just seeing this couple itself is a blessing. Thatha is 104 and paati is 90+. Thatha was the raja guru for Pudukottai maharaja. Now they live in Tirughokarnam, my father’s native place!

Thanks Bharath for this interview.

Thatha did a fantastic job in recollecting and trying to sequence it to the best extent…It is nothing but Periyava’s blessing that the couple is healthy and devoted to Periyava till now.

Short interview – watch this for thatha, paati.

Let us all pray Mahaperiyava to bless this couple for many more years of healthy life.

Periyava Sharanam!

Categories: Devotee Experiences

3 replies

  1. Dear Jayashree
    Gurumahimai @gmail.com is g r mama ‘s email I’d
    Mama will reply you

  2. Kindly provide Shri GR Mama, email id. Kindly explain in detail the procedure of performing Maha Periyava Guru poojai.
    Best Regards,

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