Experience of Sri Vasudevan with Mahaperiyava – must-watch

Fantastic (short) interview. Some people are natural story-tellers. This mama is one such person. Beautifully narrates the incidents. Uniquely, this mama is probably the one of the very very few where one learns something from Periyava experiences. Instead of just stopping by exclaiming, he learned key messages.

  1. Never disobey guru’s directions – very sad instances
  2. Periyava is sarvagjyan – although we all know that – narrated by beautiful experiences
  3. command over Mandarin language
  4. Exact similar incident that happened in Sri Appaya Dikshitar’s life was demonstrated by Periyava to make/teach a point for all of us

Thanks Bharath for the interview

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. Sri Vasudevan is narrating his experiences very well. I could hardly bear to hear when he described how Mahaperiava advised to cancel a wedding by foreseeing the harm that will occur to the bridegroom. I am 64 years old now and I feel sad that I did not have the opportunity to see Mahaperiava but I feel blessed to now atleast read such experiences through this website – Namaskaram R.Desikan

  2. Great one ! Can you please mail me contact of both bharath and vasudevan mama. In this interview mama quotes my thatha brahmasri annaswamy bhagavathar name. Wanted to know more about experiences with thatha too !

  3. I cried at least 2-3 times while watching this video…. don’t why!

  4. Really a superb narration of his experiences!!!

    Anneka koti namaskarams to mama and our maha periyava.

    Deepa Venkataraman

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