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One of the reasons for my little downtime was due to help redesigning this site – www.purnanandalahari.org

I have shared article about Sri Chidanandhanatha who was the sishya of Sri Guhanandanatha. It was Sri Chidanandanatha, who was instrumental in making the devi upasana to reach many in TN in those days and made it easier to practice. As you may be aware, I have shared an article about him and how well he was associated with Mahaperiyava. I have heard through other sources that Mahaperiyava had lots and lots of discussions with him on devi upasana related topics and helped him and blessed him. Click here to read the article.

Sri Chidanandhanatha and his sishya Purnanandanatha started a monthly magazine for devi upasakas but it stopped soon after it started for various reasons. Later Sri Prakashanandanatha who resumed this, renamed the magazine as a tribute to his guru Anandanandanatha and paramaguru pUrNanandaNatha. Today, with the guru mandalam’s blessings, he has completed roughly 70+ issues. These are mainly intended for devi upasakas who have a proper guru and got upadesam through them and who are interested in pursuing further in that path. While I say that, there are other topics/articles on devatas, tatvams, sakthi peetams, guru-sishya definitions, removing myths behind some of our beliefs etc. For instance, when we see Kali , we are naturally scared – why is she having such a scary appearance? When you see Dumavati, it is even more scarier. Lots of efforts have taken to give a vedantic meaning/tatvams that would help us to remove any apprehensions about these devatas – not just about devatas but on many things/myths. Unfortunately, they are buried in these documents….I am helping the author to organize these better for easier access/search etc. The effort has started. Obviously I am learning more while I do that – the same way how I learn about Mahaperiyava too! Starting in few weeks, separate posts will start to come on various topics as decided by Sri Prakashanandanatha. He has taken enormous amount of time to decode several of these from very old manuscripts from all languages and various part of India including Kashmir Shaivism to preserve it for future generations.

Having said that, these materials are not to be followed by all. One can’t / shouldn’t pick up some devata mantra and start doing japam on your own. Only with proper guru’s upadesam, one can chant any of these – regardless of the devata. Please read the “Disclaimer” section for more details. The only intent to share this in this blog is to let qualified devi upsakas know about such wealth of information that exists.

Please feel free to check out this site and subscribe, if you’re interested. This blog will not be like Mahaperiyava blog where you get many emails / day / week. Intent is different and the audience is different too. So don’t worry – your inbox is not going to slammed with too many mails!

Namaskarams to all the great gurus in this path!

Important Request – Please do not send me mails asking for gurus. I am sitting in Chicago and do not have any idea about gurus in India. Please contact your sastrigal or someone locally to help you.

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  1. Lovely write up and happy to know such facts are coming up. I respect the srividya cult and always wanted to know somethingabout it. Kudos to you for taking great efforts!

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