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  1. Sow Harinis drawings are very. nice let God bless her all sowbagyams. Ramasw.amy

  2. Awesome drawings Harini👌👌 Kudos.. keep going

  3. Beautiful paintings !

    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara…

  4. Superb. Mahaperiyava charanam.

  5. what a graceful drawing. Paramacharya blessings will be abundant for her.

  6. Wow! Beautiful sketch indeed! Thathroopam…

  7. I can not believew it as drawing because even photo with best camera can not bring this sharp picture. Congratulations to her. Pray to Periyava to bless young chartered accountant in HIS chartered way.

  8. Unless Mahaperiava Himself is in her mind, it wouldn’t be possible to sketch. Please draw kamakshi ambal. Wishes for success amma.
    Pranams to swami
    Ramasubramanian sk

  9. Blessed child , may MAHAPERIAVAA bless her with good health and Bhakthi

  10. अतीव समीचीनम्। तत् रूपम् ।श्री महापेरियवाय नमः।

  11. Dharma anushtaanam (leading a prescribed way of life- doing what is to be done – for loka shkemam – and keeping away from what are not to be done) is a must. PEOPLE MUST WORK HARD AND PRODUCE MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL WEALTH. But if every body has to do dhaanam, who will receive dhaanam?

    • Sri S Narayana Garu
      Why do you worry about the receiver? Let us have the willingness to share a little bit of our own wealth, Maha Periva will send you the receiver. Are we ready to share first?

      • Well Said Balajigaru
        Dhaanam does not mean only giving alms like food and money,
        It also means helping the needy, who need not always be poor..
        It could be any form of seva even to your own family members.

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