Bhanu Sapthami Day – today – Must-read

Got this from WhatsApp.

Today (Sep 16) — is the rarest day ! It is a combination of 3 elements– viz Shukla pakaham /Sapthami thithi/falling on Sunday –this is called Bhanu Sapthami Day
This day is eq to 1000 times of Solar Eclipse day.
Any punya activity done on this day has a terrific manifolding effect.

This day=1000 times of Solar Eclipse Day

ie. = 1000 times(1000 normal days)

= 1,00,000 times normal days punya activity
What is to be done?
Any/few/all the following–

1)Early morning Sacred River Bath
2)Nitya puja /abishekam/archana to God
3)Visit to temp and do archana
4)1008 Times Gayatri Japam chanting
5)Doing Surya Namaskaram
6)Reciting Aditya Hrudayam slokam min 9 times
7)Doing Annadanam
8)Visiting Goshala and feeding the Cows
9)Giving clothes, umbrella, chappal to the poor
Pl grab this opportunity of manifolding Punya effect

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  1. I wish I had known this earlier. Now I find that the earlier Bhanusaptami in 2018 were on 22 April and 2 September. Today is the last Bhanusaptami in 2018. Even without knowing this I visited Thiruvedikudi Siva Temple near Thirukandiyur, and I was able to perform only 1080 Gayatri. I checked my Excel sheet and I was relieved to notice that I had performed 2700 Gayatri on 22 April and 2025 Gayatri on 2 September.

    It would be helpful if we know the dates of Bhanusaptami in 2019.

    However, thank you so much Sri Mahesh for this piece of information. Fore-warned is fore-armed. We would be ready for the next Bhanusaptami [GW] which would now fall only in 2019.

  2. Small correction. 1,000 x 1,000 should be 1 Million, not 1 lakh. Am I mistaken? Thanks for the share

  3. SRI PUDHU PERIYAVA insisted that all should chant ADITYA HIRUTHAYAM SLOKA DAILY.
    Only SOORYA BAGAVAN can be seen with our naked eyes. Sandya vandanam is done 3 times in a day, only towards SUN GOD. SRI MAHA PERIYAVA insisted on Sandya vandanam in all his teachings. Only after sandya vandanam you can do any POOJA.

  4. Banu varam and sapthami combination is very very auspicious to WORSHIP SRI SOORYA BAGAVAN.
    Can you post these information a day earlier to plan for these worships.
    Even today morning it is not posted. But it will help others in the next sapthami day.

  5. Never heard of anything more auspicious than grahanam that too 1000 times more. Other auspicious times are arthodaya and mahodaya punya kaalams. Some hype through WhatsApp I believe

  6. Yes…I know about this Punyakalam through VaideekaSri Magazine by Brhamasri Rajagopala Ganapadikal. With anugraham of Mahaperiyava I and my wife did almost all this. My wife prepared wheat rava Pongal and gave it to the poor people who are sitting in Varadharaja’s Temple…All this is possible only with the help and guidance and anugraham of our Mahaperiyavaa..

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