Important vrata days in Vilambi year

Thanks to FB….Although it is bit late, we can still use this for the rest of the period.



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  1. Rama Rama

    Can segregate the data based on Six channels vide Kaladi sankara’s system.

    (1) Pradosham (Sukla & Krishna) & Monthly sivarathri for Siva,
    (2) Poornima (vaideeka) & Amavasya(Tantrika) for Amba
    (3) Chathurthi (Sukla & Krishna paksha) for Ganapathy
    (4) Shashti (Sukla & Krishna) for Subrahmanya
    (5) Ekadasi & Sravana for Vishnu &
    (6) Rest all others pivoted around the Sun.

    Out of all these, Compulsory(Vratam) is Ekadasi.(First level) vide deivathin kural vol3 covered under sub heading Upavasam.

    Rama Rama

  2. Namaste,
    While the Ekadasi Vratam is clear. Can some please elaborate on the other Vratam to be followed. Are these to be followed during every phase of lunar cycle

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