Thamirabarani Pushkaram – More Info. (Oct. 12 to Oct. 23)

With the blessings of Sri Vijeyendra Periyava and Sri Dharmapuram Thiruvaduthurai Thirupanandal Velakurichi Surianarkoil. Sengol Adeenam and their immense presence Thamarabharani Pushkaram is going to held at Kurukuthurai Thirunelveli. Govt also.came forward to help us in all means and Honourable C.M and other Ministers also going to take part in the function from 12 th Oct to 23. Pariharam homams and other religious activities arranged Vedic pandit from different parts and Thirunelveli Pandits are going to perform all rituals. It is advised to do Pariharam for Mesham, Mithunam, Dhanusu, Kanya, and Vrichgam during this Pushkaram Guru Peyarchi . All the rituals are performed by Chidambaram Thiagappa Deekshider and Sivarama Deekshider . All Vedic related pariharam related queries will be answered by great Veda Pandit great Astrologer Sundararama Vajpayeeji Sengalipuram.

Please contact for further details Mahalakshmi 9840053289 Valasai Jayaraman 9444279696.

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