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Thanks to this anonymous devotee who has a passion to save ghomathas has recently rescued one ghomatha when it was about to be sold to a slaughterhouse. Negotiated a price, bought the ghomatha and made arrangement with another ghosala who agreed to take her….Finally she is in safe hands now….In total, it costed roughly Rs 30K (15K to purchase, 2K to transport and 11K to the ghosala for maintenance) to rescue this one. Here are some photos….

The following cow is to be rescued. The owner no longer wants this cow as this ghomatha stopped giving milk….We will do the same with this cow also…


The idea is to do more of this…However, it requires, physical and monetary support. For now, we at least want to do 1 per month. Hopefully Periyava will bless us.

So, what do we need from you now? Nothing. Particularly, do not send money etc. Why? I guess we can manage with our existing funds till Dec. We want to come to you all in January for support. I want you all to be generous at that time 🙂

For now, please appreciate this devotee who had spent lot of his personal time for this rescue.

Periyava Sharanam!


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  1. Our Pranams to the noble hearted devotee for saving the cow from slaughter house to safe hands.
    This is one example for Gausamrakshan.
    jaya jaya sankara

  2. Ram Ram
    Please give bank details.

  3. I recently came across this Goshalai in Palakkad – Dakshin Vrindavan

  4. It is a very timely and kind thing of this noble soul. I will also try to do my level best after per your note. We can form seperate groups which can spread the awareness of not killing and protection by forming a fund, slowly like (Kai Piddi Arisi) thittam through Temples willing to collect such funds in seperate Hundial like savings account, and like minded people, who can spend time (senior people) from various walks of the society to ensure we are kept informed timely and has enough funds to save and feed..Cows… This is a personal thought that came to my mind, we can have group discussions on various plans, it’s merits and de merits so that we have surplus funds, which are very important and available in a easy manner to ensure cow protection and to keep away negative political elements from such acts of prime and sensible activities (particularly about corrupt individuals and not about any politics). True secularism is about True freedom for all Religions to follow their worship correctly , without disturbing others mankind and Jeeva Karunyam.


  5. When people are trying so hard to save Cows and the traditions, on the other hand a group of people criticising and talking about threat to secularism. Today also in The Hindu newspaper, the kind of articles appeared have been talking about threat to secularism fabric and forcing Hinduism, etc. This has been a fashion to show India in a bad light and projecting the entire country as a dangerous place to live. But the real picture is completely different and many know what I kind of solace we get in following the traditions and doing Nithyakarmas. Certainly take this opportunity to congratulate the Individual who has taken the effort of saving Gaumata. The awareness provided by this website is commendable.

  6. Periyava thatha bless that great person

  7. Great soul to rescue the Gomatha. Sure, will support the cause. Please put it out in December or whenever funds are needed and I will support it.

  8. Great efforts !! MahaPeriyava’s blessings to the devotee who did this. Please approach us in Jan for funding requirement.
    Keep up the great work

  9. The Most Important is Making A Difference by doing it. Good people do not talk about kindness…they practice it. May God Bless the devotee and all who work hard to make this world better place i.e The world piece diet.

    “Saving one Animal won’t change the world-But it will change the world for that one Animal”

  10. We need more manpower, efforts, strategic planning and funds to create goshalas throughout the country. Maha Periayava will definitely bless those who take up this mammoth challenge. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  11. Great work.Our Mahaperiva will definitely bless him.

  12. Maha Periyava bless the great soul

  13. I want to contribute. PL give bank details in January. Thanks

  14. Well done.Please let us know in January.

  15. I now at the feet of this divine soul who has saved the life of a gift of God to the society.I have no words to describe his love for an animal and that too a celestial animal worthy of being wirshipped.I have to convey my respects to him who in the midst of many who express their admiration and devotion for Mahaswami just in words, has followed His advice and practised it.

    I as a devotee of Mahaswamigal and in appreciation of what this anonymous devotee has done…..undertake to take care of the animals in my place at my cost whenever one such animal is saved from being slaughtered.


  16. God bless the good soul.

  17. Mahesh Anna,Periyava will definitely not only bless also ensure needful support is manifested.

  18. I would like to share my contribution.. Pls send bank account details. Regards, Rajagopalan

  19. Great man to have saved this cow. She looks beautiful! A life saved!!


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