Not-to-miss Upanyasams of Sri Sundarakumar

Thanks Professor for sharing this with me. Beautiful speech..In one of the videos, he tells how Periyava is an embodiment of Ramayana, Mahaharatha, Bagavatham etc and quotes an incident that is an exact replica of how Rama handled a situation. One of the links has no audio 🙁 Rest are good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out the proper sequence of these videos.

I also need help. Since FB media will be gone soon, I request some volunteer to download them and upload them into youtube so that we dont lose these treasures. Pl share the youtube link and i will update this post with those links:



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  1. Any idea why he doesnt want this to be shared in public? I am not saying it is right or wrong….but just curious….that’s all..

    • I don’t think if this Video is posted publicly there should be any problem. This Video was live telecasted and SundarMama himself says this is being live telecasted, so i will talk more about Vedas, which means he was aware of the fact that this event was being recorded.

      My gut feeling is mama objects recording only because people misuse it by selling it and making money etc etc. He doesn’t say anything if it’s being recorded for spiritual purposes.


  2. I have great devotion and respect for Majaperiava. Sri Sundarkumar mentioned about a reply to Swamy Vedanta Desikan’s work Sathdhooshani by Periava.
    That reply or Sathdhooshani by Sri Ananthakrishna Sastry on guidance of Periava, was critically analysed and short comings were replied in a publication titled PARAMARTABHOOSHANAM by first receipient of President of India award for Sanskrit, Sri Uttamur Veeraraghava Charya Swami. Ex TTD College.
    The regard Mahaperiava had for Uttamur Veeraraghava Charya Swami is known to inner circles which adiyen would not like to mention here, now. If necessary later.
    Therefore the rebuttal to Swamy Desikan work has been made with authenticity and till date no one has replied. Hence i would humbly request to avoid criticism or belittling ( directly or indirectly) of great Acharyas like swamy Desikan, while praising Periava. Regards

    • Last para, correction. Read as “The shortcomings in rebuttal made to Swami Desikan work ( Sathabhooshani) has been made…”

      • Hence i would humbly request to avoid criticism or belittling ( directly or indirectly) of great Acharyas like Swamy Desikan, while praising Periava.

        Where is someone criticizing Desikan. Sundar Mama just said, that a commentary on Desikan’s work has been made. Desikan himself has in a work criticized Lord Shiva while praising Vishnu saying though you conquered kAma, you still begot kids.

        As far as the commentary is concerned just because no one has written a commentary on Paramarthabhoosham doesn’t mean that a commentary in future wont come. This act of writing commentaries and then commentaries for it will keep going on forever, it’s an unending circle.

      • If there was any criticism knowingly or unknowingly,Periyava who was always for advaita(Sivan and Vishnu -one and the same) would have never allowed this article and video to be posted.

        So.No worries!

      • MahaPeriyava is Saakshath SambaParameswaran. Period. MahaPeriyava is Verily the VedaHrudhayam Panchakshari in Human Form(the 5 angaas being 2 hands,2 legs & 1 Dhandam). There is no need to belittle anybody to talk about the greatness of Periyava. Periyava is one withouta second. Such act is not seen happening anywhere in the video.

        Sectarian Preachers of Sanathana Dharma are the ones who always indulge in the act of Eeshwara Nindhaa.

        Sarvo Vai Rudraha Rudraaya Namo Asthu….
        Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara..!!

  3. I had listened to BrahmaShri Sundar Kumar’s Bhagavatam online through a website and I had called him to offer my dakshinai after listening to it. He mentioned that the videos were uploaded without notifying him. So, if the videos are going to be uploaded to youtube, we should check with Palakkad Bhajanotsavam if they have approval from BrahmaShri Sundar Kumar before we do so.

    • Yes. Brahmasri Sundarkumar does not permit anyone for recording his pravachanams in digital format – audio and video and he announces it during his upanyasams.

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