Key Point to Note on Upakarma (Aavani Avittam) Day

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – I want to bring one important point that was stressed by Shri Mullaivasal Brahmasri Krishnamoorthy Ganapadigal Mama in the last Veda Dharma Paripalana Sabha organized by Sri Matam. This link was posted few days back but I’m bringing it up again so we are all aware and do NOT miss it.

One should NOT eat anything on upakarma day or bare minimum till the upakarma is completed. It gives us immense benefits if one fasts the whole day and does the Gayathri Japam next day so there is more power and veeryam in the japam we do. Mama addresses about a mal practice that has creeped in and is currently in vogue where idly and appam are served after Kamakorsheeth japam. For people who are diabetic or sick and could not fast they can take some Sathvik liquids  like milk or water (not carboanaed drinks/coffee/tea) as well as advance the time of upakarma which should normally be performed around noon time. No food at all is the key point. This applies to children as well whose upanayanam is complete.

Since I was present for this upanyasam in person I could see the importance he gave to the above points after the upanysam as well. Hope this key point is followed by us going forward. Rama Rama

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  1. Anushtam log not wroking pl guide me


    • Sir,

      Let me remind you again that the contact numbers were provided by me in the article or interview with Sri. Mahesh, the owner of Sri. Ramani Hall, Nanga nallur on the story of Nanga nallur Periyava.

  3. Try to minimise taking tea at least

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