How to implement Pidi Arisi Scheme – From an Old Book

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri. S.Venkatesh for the share. Something for all of us to think and implement as part of our daily lives.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri. S. Ravisankar for the translation. Rama Rama


                                            Handful of rice scheme

                     It’s for everybody, green leaves for The Almighty ,
                     It’s for everybody ,  a mouthful to the cow,
                     It’s for everybody, a handful while taking food,
                     It’s for everybody , to speak kind words to others.
                                                                                  ( Thirumoolar- Thirumandhiram)
second line VAYURAI.. is translated as Vayil Erai (mouthful of grass)
H.H.Kanchi Acharya Swamigal had affectionately ordered that each house should have a pot and everyday two coins and a handful of rice is to be put in that pot before cooking.
Not only we implement this in our home, we have to request at least ten houses nearby and neighbours to carry out this scheme.
On the day of Amavasya , the rice collected under handful of rice scheme , and the coins are to be handed over to any temple.First month it is carried out like this. During the subsequent month Amavasya , such collection is to be given to any family going through much difficulties.. This how how every month , these collections are alternatively given to a temple and to a poor family.
These details of implementation every month may be intimated to Kanchipuram SriMatam.

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