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  1. Jai Ma


    Just checking: ONLY the Rk and Yajur upakarma for this purnima, right? Sama upakarma later on?


  2. Namaskaram,

    There is a typo. It is Japa and not Jaya Mahimai in the title.

    I hope you mention one key point that Mama addressed which he highlighted as the key takeaway from this upanyasam. One should NOT eat anything on upakarma day or bare minimum till the upakarma is completed. It is even more good one fasts when one fasts the whole day and does the Gayathri Japam next day so there is more power and veeryam in the Gayathri japam we do. Mama addresses about a mal practice that has creeped in and is currently in vogue where idly and appam are served after Kamakorsheeth japam. For people who are diabetic or sick and could not fast they can take some Sathvik liquids (not carboanaed drinks/coffee/tea) as well as advance the time of upakarma which should normally be done around noon time. No food at all is the key point.

    Since I was present for this upanyasam in person I could see how much importance and stress he gave to the above points after the upanysam as well :-).

    Rama Rama

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