Small-size Mahaperiyava Vigraham

Thanks to Smt Srividhya Srisailam for the share….

It is interesting to see Periyava vigraham made out of fiber material in a smaller size, which may be perfect for any household. Periyava looks very real… I do not know the details behind who made this vigraham etc. Just sharing what I saw…


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  1. I got a Periyava idol made of Fiber material in Lakeview road, Mambalam few years back.

  2. I am not sure about the size of periyava, But I bought a periyava idol made in fiber in Lakeview road, West Mambalam few years back.

  3. Yesterday, we were at Sankara Math, kanchipuram. As soon as I entered Maha periava s Temple, thoughts about Sri. MAHESH came to mind. It is Mahaperiava who permeates your life. I thought. Continue your work sir.
    Pranams to Guru parampara.

  4. Really Super. I am regularly performing Pooja to Mahaperiyava. i require a Vigraham like this. Please let me know where I can get this type of Vigraham.

  5. /-\ Kindly let me know where I can get.

  6. Please let me know who made it and where it is available. thankyou

  7. Please let us know where it is available with details. Periyava charanam
    It is very divine.

  8. Any idea where it is available?

  9. Very realistic. Thathroopam

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