Sarvam Brahmam – Tamil Drama on Adi Sankara – Chicago – Aug 25th

I am pleased to share the invitation for a Tamil drama on the life of Adi Acharya by GC Vedic & CAIFA team in Chicago. Some of my friends are part of this play. I have seen few photos from this group part of their photo-shoot and rehearsals – I can tell you that this would be one best performances from all perspective. The team has put lot of very sincere efforts into this and I am very sure with acharya’s blessings this would be very well-received by all.

Please attend, enjoy and encourage the artist to come up with more of these dramas.

I will see you all there!

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  1. Mahesh,

    Sorry for posting this comment here.
    I want to let you and the blog readers see this video – for those who haven’t already seen it.
    (Please pause and watch 00:33 onwards see what he is wearing close to his heart!)

    Of the people you condemned in the post that was taken out, OSA seems to have crossed the lines beyond imagination much earlier. I really want to know if he wore a Poonal while doing this. People like him clearly have commercial interests to do anything.

    Please share your thoughts and delete this comment if you feel it is inappropriate for this blog.

    Periyavathan Rakshikanoom!

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