HH Periyava facts needed for ashtothram

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Sivasri Chandrasekara Gurukkal of Chicago recently contacted me to ask some facts about HH (Bala) Periyava as he is in the process of completing ashtothram for Periyava. Interestingly, we dont have these data points in our fingertips or in a place where we could access. I collected some facts and need some clarifications. Can you all help?

  • Date of Birth – 13 March 1969 (Maasi – Uthraadam)
  • Place of birth – I thought it is Thandalam, Tiruvallur Dist..In Kamakoti site it says Periyapalayam – not sure which one is correct
  • Diksha Dhinam – May 29th, 1983 (Vaikasi – Tritiya – Mula)
  • Place of Diksha – not sure where it happened – in this post, it seems like it happened in Mehbub Nagar – not sure. Or was it in Kanchi? Can someone clarify?
  • Purvashrama Nama – Sankara Narayanan
  • Mother Tongue – Telugu
  • Patasala studied – ? In this page, it says Polur – can someone confirm?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Periyava’s Deeksha was in Kamakshi Amman Temple premises and it was widely covered in the media.Special reports and photographs were published many of which I have read.Very touching !

  2. As Anand wrote;

    Place of deekshA was kamakshi temple theertham. I was a witness to that event. Great blessing.

  3. I have a general question: Now we have only His Holiness Sri Bala Periyava alone taking care of Kanchi Matam activities as well as giving His blessings to thousands of devotees each day. It is a hectic schedule. When will He select or the Matam will select the other two Junior Pontiffs to share the spiritual activities at the holy centre in Kancheepuram. Or, are they waiting for appropriate time to select and anoint the right person as junior pontiff of the Mutt. Can someone clarify? Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Sankara

  4. In the very beginning , his name was Shanakaraananandendra saraswathi swamigal for sometime. Then renamed as Shankara Vijayendra saraswathi swamigal .

  5. Place of Deeksha is sarva theeratha tank and place of birth is Thandavam near Periapalayam

  6. 2. It is a village in Aarani which is a few kilometers from Thandalam. There are a couple of Thandalams in Thiruvallur Dt. and this Thandalam is referred by its proximity to Periyapalayam. The actual Gruham (avathara sthalam) is maintained by Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and HH PujyaSri Pudhuperiyava has installed a vigraham of Jagadguru Adi Sankara Bhagavatpādāl in a small temple inside the compound to mark the Sthalam. At the end of this small road lies the gopuram of the very old and magnificent Sri Sampangi Pichaleeswarar temple.

    4. Place of Deeksha was the Temple tank of Kamakshi Amman, Kanchipuram, right in front of the pillayar sannidhi there.

    6. Polur it is, adhyayanam was under His poorvashrama father Sri Krishnamurthy.

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