Periyava Quiz Answer-Who was Kanchi Sri Matam Matathipadhi in 1961, 1971, 1981, and 1991?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – The correct answer is b, HH Sri Pudhu Periyava. This is a tricky quiz with a loaded question. Some got it right, some partially, and some not correct. One Shri Chandrashekar mentioned it correctly referring to the speech I have listed below.

We all think that after Maha Periyava attained siddhi in 1994 HH Pudhu Periyava became Matadhipadhi. However Maha Periyava officially handed over the reins to HH Pudhu Periyava in 1960 itself. From then on, it was Sri Pudhu Periyava who was the matadhipadhi. However, not many, even the devotees associated with Sri Matam know about this. This is largely due to the fact that Sri Pudhu Periyava did not display an iota of this news in public and always kept his guru Maha Periyava in the forefront including Bhikshavandanam.

Below is a great speech by Shri Muthuraman Mama, an octogenarian, who served as camp manager with both our Periyavas for several decades including many North Indian yathras. The whole speech is about the greatness of HH Pudhu Periyava. Watch this from 18.40 to the 20.00 for the answer to this question. Rama Rama


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  1. Svasti says –
    srimach chandrasEkharEndra sarasvati samyameendrANAm,
    antEvAsivarya srimaj jayEndra sarasvati sreepAdAnAm,
    tadantEvAsi varya srimach shankara vijayEndra sarasvati sreepAdAnAm

    How was Paramacharya addressed officially if he was not the “mathadhipathi” then (i.e, after 1960)?

    • Not sure what officially addressing means. As you are aware Maha Periyava himself did not like himself to be addressed as Paramacharya, a title conferred on Saiva Matathipadhis. HH could have have been addressed either as Sankaracharya or Maha Periyava.

      Rama Rama

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