Protest by TAMBRAS for mocking madisar!

Thanks Hari for the link.This protest is way overdue in all sense. I think we were patient for almost 4-5 decades and it is time to put an end to this nonsense.

Hats off to the ladies who have taken this bold step!

One of my longest desire is to get a court stay for filming in our Hindu Temples – more particularly dance/romantic scenes. I hope TAMBRAS will take help from Sri Ramesh, the leading attorney and one of the advocates for protecting Hindu temples to make this happen. That is another nonsense that our Kodambakkam loves to do.


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    Check this video where Brahmins are made fun of the name of Stories for kids…they are showing Brahmins in a bad way to even kids….

  2. But madisar mamis are also glorified and respected as in the Tamil movie Avvai Shanmaughi. I know some orthodox Brahmin women employed in government jobs and they do the work in this traditional attire. Nobody has taken objections or exceptions.

  3. I agree this was overdue. We have become a soft target in TN.

  4. A laudable action by the ladies. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  5. Pl do not send in future

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