August 2018 Festival Dates for Bharatha Desam & US 

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Many key festivals coming up next month for us to mark us on the calendar.  If any corrections needed pl. let me know and I will fix it. Rama Rama

Aadi Perukku – 3rd (Bharatham), 2nd (US)
Aadi Karthigai – 5th (Bharatham), 5th (US)
Ekadashi – 7th (Bharatham), 7th (US)
Pradosham – 9th (Bharatham), 8th (US)
Aadi Amavasai – 11th ((Bharatham), 10th (US)
Aadi Pooram – 13th (Bharatham), 13th (US)
Ekadashi – 22nd (Bharatham), 21st (US)
Pradosham – 23rd (Bharatham), 23rd (US)
Varalakshmi Vratam – 24th (Bharatham), 25th (US)
Onam – 15th-27th Aug (Bharatham)
Avani Avittam for Rigveda – 25th (Bharatham), 25th (US)
Avani Avittam for Yajurveda – 26th (Bharatham), 25th (US)

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  1. Namaskaram,
    Rig Veda Upakarma in US is falling on 24th August. Shravana Nakshatra falls on that date. Temples are also conducting event on that day only. Please update.

  2. 24 AUGUST Friday Vara laxmi pooja is correct.

    May I suggest inclusIon of following events..

    14 Angaraka chaturthi.. dhoorva ganapathi vratham.
    Performing pooja with dhoorva (arugam pull) prefered.

    15 naaga/Garuda Panchami

    17 Avani (SIMHA} month begins

    26 Hayagreeva Jayanthi. . Recite Hayagreeva stotram
    Hayagreeva is a form of Lord Vishnu


  3. 25th August is Saturday

  4. All US temple calendars indicate Varalakshmi vradam on 24th. August, but it is on 25th. as per Sage of Kanchi. Pl. confirm which is correct. Thanks.

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    • sri varalakshmi vratham is observed on a FRIDAY, PRIOR TO POURNAMI IN SHRAVAN MONTH

    • kamala vedanarayanan writes..:-All those observing Sri Varalakshmi vratham are conversant with the most popular Krithi..of Sri Muthuswami Deekshadhar…
      “Sri Varalaskhmi namasthubhyam……”
      the following line…confirms the day it is celebrated.
      ” Shravana Pournami Poorva Shukravaare …”…

      sowbhagyawathi bhava……kamala vedanarayanan.

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