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By the grace of Mahaperiyavaa and our Periyavaas,  our Periyava Radio team will be releasing new contents on July 27th – which is Guru Poornima day and also the start of the Chathurmasyam season.

Chaturmasyam is a very important period in our spiritual calendar – thats when most of our festivals happen. But also, this is the time for Yathis to stay put in one location , observe their sacred chaturmasya vrata and also bless the devotess with anugraha bhashanams around vedanta.

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the following new contents in Periyava Radio

New topics under Deivathin Kural (available in the on demand section – you can hear this at anytime)

  1. Soundarya Lahri – Mahaperiyavaa had at many places extolled the beauty and depth of this great work done by our great Adi Aacharyal. Soundarya Lahri not only describes the unexplainable beauty of Ambaal – but also has many deep vedantic truths contained in it. Adi Aacharyal describes how Ambaal’s feet is placed on top of the “Shruti Siras” – which is upanishads. This description signifies that its is Ambaal, who ultimately blesses a sincere devotee with moksha through upanishads. What better way to spend this chaturmasya season than surfing the waves of Soundarya Lahri to extract vedantic nuggets like these ? Periyava radio team has added more than 50 files on various shlokas from Soundarya lahri as explained by Mahaperiyavaa in Deivathin Kural
  2.  Vedam – all Mahaperiyavaa bhaktas would know the deep significance that our periyavaas attach to the propagation of vedas. Here is a section where you can listen to periyavaa’s explanation about vedas – its various divisions and sections including dasa upanishads and also significance of vedas.

Other contents include

  1. Theme based Devotees experience – this is scheduled in one of the slot in the radio. you can listen to balu mama and other anukka thondargal narrate their experiences. We will keep introducing new themes along the way
  2. A special slot in the radio for Deivathin Kural readings
  3. Lalitha mami’s upanysams – we have added more of Lalitha mam’s upanyasams as well

Further, on the Guru purnima day – we have scheduled special programs. Dont miss it !!

We hope that spiritual listeners would benefit from these new contents. We will be adding more interesting content along the way.

Pls let us know if you have any specific feedback !

In HIS service,

Periyava Radio team


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  1. Great and thanks. Ever grateful to you all.

  2. Thank you.

    Balasubramaniyan Krithivasan

  3. Great initiative by your team!! Let us all be in Periyava smaranam always:)


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