Periyava Padhuka Darshanam on Guruvaram


Thanks to Sri Kicha Kasi for the share. Whoever who has this padhuka must be very blessed and fortunate.

Here is a comment from one of his friends:

Sathya Gurumurthy While seeing this paduka I remember Shrimathi Padma Subramaniam’s words about periyava wearing broken paduka and was walking in scorching sun in andhra while returning back from satara.. she went to periyava and cried , and told him to wear new Paduka as it was broken from heel side , periyava immediately showed his feet , whole feet was red and rashes in between toes… she couldn’t see that and cried but periyava just laughed like nothing has happened…karunya Murthy He never cared about his inconvenience, He was only thinking about our well being 🙏🙏


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