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  1. Kindly provide us a link for online transfer of our contribution to the cause. I am sure so many of us would be willing to contribute their mite into it.

  2. I am personally attending to this Jataa parayanam since 1st Aadi. Myself (vaishnavite) and another person are the only spectators. I do go everymorning only. No one visits. Only Patasaala vadhyar and the students are chanting at Patasala in the temple. Evening they chant at the Swamy Sannathi. No fan facility in the evening. This is the condition.. i request all the devotees who resides near thiruvanmiyar can go to them and listen to the chanting to get the full benefit. Also they can give some light refreshments like milk, coconut water etc…
    they need to be encouraged with some rewards. myself and other person are doing ….Please do not mistake me if you think that i exceed my limit.

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