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During our recent re-launch of Periyava radio, we introduced a feature to enter and track our nithya anushtanam (sandhyavandhanam & gayathri japam). This was intended to motivate us and make us not to miss even one day of anushtanam. After few months of the rollout, I am not seeing many people using this feature. I see 150+ started using it – probably not regularly. I am bit surprised. I do realize that not using the app is not a reflection of us not doing our anushtanam. We may be sincere in doing our anushtanam and feeling lazy to enter here. If that’s the case, it is fine. What is more important is to do our anushtanams. These apps are just tools to help us – that’s all.

On the contrary, if you think that if the app needs change that would motivate you more to do it regularly and have any recommendation, please let us know – we will implement them.

We would like to see more users using the app – more importantly this feature!

Periyava Radio Team

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  1. This weekend there is going to be an app update pushed to the app store.. That update is going to fix some of these crashes.. i will send another communication after the push.

  2. The sad point, what I perceive here is, such a bad period we are undergoing that even Brahmins are needed to be alerted for their daily must do rituals. We don’t need someone to alert for our sleep, food, watch TV and other entertainments, shoppings, etc. When comes to perform such pious acts, why we need an alert? What a shame! Although there could be some reasons to skip for inevitable reasons, but are we really intended to move ahead after crossing the hurdles? We just try to find an excuse always to avoid.

    My best appreciation to Sri Mahesh Garu and Co for their sacred work in this area, however, I strongly recommend people to adhere to Sastras and its principles without any compromise. As an English maxim goes, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, we shall make a Shankalpam to do it without any break, rest Maha Periva will take care of……

    I sincerely apologize in case my comments hurt any in this blog.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara…. Hara Hara Shankara…..

    • This is true Swami. But atleast for people who are interested in doing SV, this could be a motivation to achieve the goal and keep improving. Like fitness app. For those who are doing regularly, I dont think there is need to log. They just do for sake of doing.

  3. NamaskAram. Thank you for the app! One suggestion is to also include Brahma Yajna.

    (I was also going to say agni kArya/aupAsana but this might scare some away; my wife and I enjoyed doing aupAsana when we were in India but it did take a lot more preparation).

  4. In Periyava Radio, there is one ‘ Anusham Centers’. Should it be Anushtanam Centers?. Currently I am staying in New York with my daughter. I will be staying up to 1st week of October. I am entering the Anushtanam log from middle of May, when I installed the App. The Anusham center shows the exact location of my stay in US- but it is no way an ‘Anusham Center’; I am recording only my Anushtanam log. So, probably it should list or point out location near my current place of stay, where someone is doing Anusham pujas. Please clarify.

  5. Periyava radio works.But if I go to Anusham centers and anushtanam log ‘Unfortunately Periyava Radio’ has stopped message comes

  6. Ram Ram,

    Mahesh Anna,

    This feature in the app certainly motivates me everyday not to miss Sandhyavandhanam.

    A small improvement on Anushtanam log can be made if its possible. I started using it from 9th July 2018. Because I started using the app and entering the log from 9th July, the app shows that I missed Sandhyavandhanam for 8 days on July and entire months from Jan 2018 – June 2018. I understand the app do not have the data for the past, however it would be good to tweak the app to show the graph from the date I started using the app.

    Maha Periyava Saranam.

    Maha Periayava Paadhugaigale saranam..


  7. Very good initiative.
    Radio. Details please.
    Sandyavandanam shd be looked as value for money.
    Upanayanam expense 3 to 5 lacs.
    So boy shd do sandyavandanam for the money spent

    • If you have a smart phone and if you know how to go to apo store, please search for “periyava radio” in app store..Download and install it..You will find this..

      • also, doing nithya anushtanams are our responsibility and for chitha shuddhi. one should do regardless of whether we spend Rs 1000 or Rs 1 Lakh for upanayanam.

    • Periyavaa always recommended Samashti upanayanan and not to throw away hard earned 3 to 5 lacs for upanayanam. Upanayanam in wedding halls were not in vogue in the past and is a recent phenomenon – past 40-50 years.

      It is further incorrect to link Sandhyavandhanam to value for money – a sure shot reason for it not to get done. Alternatively the boy should be repeatedly told that “gAyAtri is bhrAmana dhanam” – our sole source of unhindered wealth – both spiritual and material.

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