Mahaperiyava – The sage of Kanchi Illustrations by Keshav

I am sure many of you know about Sri Keshav, who is an extraordinarily talented celebrity and his artworks are pretty popular. He has a great passion for Lord Krishna and have done lots and lots of Krishna paintings.

Here are some of his works on Mahaperiyava. I hope he would take some more time to do many of Periyava drawings in the future.

We wish him all the best and salute to his outstanding painting skills…

Periyava sharanam….


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  1. Beautiful and very divine … Blessed soul…

    I have always been thinking, with such artists and Periyava Devotees, we can come up with cartoon picture / movie of Mahaperiyava’s life history for the benefit of younger generation and even for all of us….Periyava Willing, anything can happen..

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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