Thanks to Sri Bharath Subramanian for the share.

It is lovely to see Brahmasri Bhat narrating and others on Periyava’s stay at Satara etc. Although I can follow Hindi a little, it would be great if someone could translate this.

This is one of the mokshapuri sthalams that I am yet to go for darshan!

Aum Nama Shivaya!

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  1. inda joshi family contact number kidaikuma;kidaicha kodungo anna.

  2. romba bhagyam panninava;sandegame illai.

    bharat anna interview kettu irukken;interview pannum kalaiyil nipunar bharat anna.

  3. Many thanks to Ms. Chandra Prasad for the translation via two posts 14th July 07:09 am and 15th July 08:43 pm.. And to Shri Gautam also for his translation via Post 13th July 09:05 pm.

    These posts reflect how really “EXTRAORDINARY” were those 11 months of stay of MahaPeriavaa at Satara in those days.

    Makes those who read this would also love to visit the Satara Kanchi Shankara Matham and the Uttara Chdambaram Temple. With Maha Paerivaa’s Grace and blessings should happen.

    Shri Joshiji and family had the privilege and abundance of Grace of Maha Periavaa.

    Thanks to Mr Mahesh and Shri Bharath Subramanian for sharing this.

    Mahaa Periavaa
    Thriuvadigale Sharanam.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara
    Hara Hara Shankara

  4. Jaya Jaya Shankara , Hara Hara Shankara !
    Here is my humble attempt at translating the second narration in the interview .
    It is so amazing , i wanted everyone to know & share the divine experience of this narrator. Please excuse any errors in the use of traditional words .

    The second narrator was a 17 year old student at the Veda Patashala , when MahaPeriyava stayed at the ShankaraMatam In Satara .He was learning Veda Shastras from his uncle, Brahmashri Krishna Shastri Joshiji .
    I refer to him as Shastriji . Shastriji continues to teach at the Veda Patashala & strongly feels that being with Maha Periyava for 11 months was the inspiration & a divine blessing that he is able to continue to do the work he is doing today at the Veda Patashala .

    ” in 1981 , Paramacharya stayed in my home for 11 months . I was a 17 year old student,learning Nyayashastra from my Thathaji ( Periappa) .i had the opportunity to interact with MahaSwamiji . At first i would just go to take prasadam & I would do that often . When I would stand there , Maha Swami would say in Sanskrit ‘come here ‘ As MahaPeriyava gave prasadam , He would ask me ‘what are you learning now ‘? I would say i am learning this particular chapter from Veda & shastras .MahaPeriyava would then ask a specific Question on that chapter- it was on Lakshanas . i nervously replied in one sentence . MahaSwamiji would say there is more to that. I went to my Uncle & asked him to explain . Next day I went to MahaSwamiji & told Him the answer . MahaSwamiji was satisfied & then asked another Question . In this way daily MahaSwamiji engaged me in a discussion . As I talked to MahaSwamiji there was no fear at all ,I felt very comfortable talking to Him. He had this amazing , special quality where MahaSwamiji could talk to children as a child , & to adults as an adult . All the students in the Veda Patashala were blessed by MahaPeriyava & learned a lot through these discussions .
    ” MahaSwamiji has come in my dreams often and blessed me .In one particular dream MahaPeriyava is performing Abhishekam . i go near Him , He looks at me & says ‘ Veda Sevaam Avadaarayaa ‘ i chant a mantra ‘ shamshrutan dhana Ubayam ‘ in Ghanam style . After chanting I step back to go down from the dais , MahaSwamiji says ‘Dont Go , Sit here itself ‘.After the Pooja is complete . MahaSwamiji comes near me & hugs me in alinganam, saying ‘ Dont go away ,be here , I need you , Dharma needs people like you !’
    After this dream , In my Nitya Aanushtanam when i perform BrahmaYagya , I included MahaSwamiji as my Kula Moksha Guru & performed tarpan . Since then MahaSwamiji has appeared in my dreams often , each time saying ‘ Do not go away from me , I need people like you ‘.
    ” MahaSwamiji is my Moksha Guru . I think of Paramacharya everyday when i perform Brahmayagya . What i am today, the work I do , this veda patashala is all due to His Blessings , the Satsang i had with him for those 11 months . Even if i perform koti Koti namaskaar to His Lotus Feet , it is not enough ! “

  5. The first portion of the translation
    Brahmashri Krishna Shastri Joshi shares his experiences when Maha Periyava stayed at the Shankara Matam in Satara for 11 months . They felt very blessed to be with MahaPeriyava for almost a year .
    MahaPeriyava taught Joshiji Dasopanishad Bhashya , Bhagavath Geeta Bhashya & Brahma Sutra Bhashya in just 12 days. Everyday MahaPeriyava would teach him for 8 hours . After 4 Hours Maha Periyava would ask Joshji to take a break . But Maha Periyava had no break . Joshiji also learnt Upanishad Bhashya from MahaPeriyava .
    The family is very devoted to MahaPeriyava & His Grace permeates their lives . Joshiji built the house where he lives with Maha Periyava’s grace so he has named the house “Acharya Anugraha”
    He runs a Vedashastra Patashala under the name of Shri Sathguru Charanambuja Seva Vishwast Nidhi
    During His stay MahaPeriyava would walk along this path for His Daily snanam . HIs feet have touched this ground , so it has become very Holy & sacred , hence Joshiji built the house at that spot .
    Joshiji says ” We are very devoted to Maha Swamiji ( Maha Periyava) & his anugraham is always with us “

  6. Thanks a lot Shri.Gautam for the translation

  7. Thank you for this post .
    Uttara Chidambaram & the Shankara Matt in Satara is beautiful , made more holy because MahaPeriyava stayed at the Shankara Matam for 11 months .my parents have visited Satara many times to have darshan of MahaPeriyava . 2 years back we visited the Matam & Uttara Chidambaram temple with my parents . My parents explained this is where MahaPeriyava sat ,they relived those moments of more than 30 years ago .We met Pandit Krishna Shastri Joshiji ‘s son Sri Balachandra Shastri Joshiji .Jaya Jaya Shankara .

  8. Jai Ma


    min 7.54 Paramacharya Mahaswami yahan ek bars tak rahe : Mahaswami stayed here for 1 year

    aur hamare upor uska bahut [unclear] ho gaya ; and that had a lot of effect on us.

    Mahaswamiji se hamne sabne Dashopanishad BhashyachandrikA, arthAt dashopanishad bhashya, aur BhagavadGita bhashya, aur BrahmaSutra Bhashya barah din [12 days] me Mahaswami ne hum ko sikhAyA hai

    Maswamiji taught us (all) in just 12 days the Dashopanishad Bhashya Chandrika, i.e. the bhashya of the ten upanishads, the BhagavadGita Bhashya and the BrahmaSutra Bhashya!!

    Fond laughter, Mahaswami barah din daily, pratidin, aaT ghaNTA, ek ghaNTA bol gaye aur chAr ghaNTA hone ke baad mAF karo

    Mahaswami for 12 days, daily, every day, for 8 hours [taught us]. [ He would speak for ] 1 hour, and after 4 hours, [ here it is not clear, since his voice drops, becomes sotto voce,] it seems Shastriji is saying, “we would say, pardon us, we have had enough!

    prasthantraya Maharaj hum ko diya aur bhashya jo hai, upanishad bhashya, upanishad bhashya ka bhi sandhA hum ko diya hai, upanishad bhasya aur UPANISHAD VED [emphasis, 8:58] Maharaja se humne seekhA.

    Maharaj gave us the Prasthana Traya, and the Bhashya He gave us, the Upanishad bhashya, He gave us the Sandha of the Upanishad Bhashya,. We learnt the Upanishad Bhashya and UPANISHAD VED [emphasis, 8:58] from Maharaj.

    Aisa barah divas chal raha hai. Bahut bahut Maharajko PREM [emphasis, 9:05] thA arthAt bhakti thi, aur Maharaj ne humko …. anugraha se makaan ka naam “Acharya Anugraha” aisa hi rakh diya hai. “Acharya Anugraha SamsthA” hai . noise interference … samstha naam dvara ved shastra ki pathshala chalti hai … jo hai Maharaj ki anugraha hi hai ..

    Like this, 12 days passed. We had a lot of LOVE [emphasis, 9:05], i,e, bhakti, for Maharaj, and Maharaj too, gave us much anugraha

    Because of His anugraha towards us, the name of this building has been kept as ” Acharya Anugraha”, iit is called “Acharya Anugraha SamsthA”. ( Lot of noise interference here, audio quality drops).

    By this name, …. SamsthA this pathshala for Veda Shastra has been running. All this is solely by Maharaj’s anugraha.

    snAna ke liye Maharaj iss rAstA se hi jAte aur Maharaj ke pao yahan par rahe… pavitra jagah ho gayi hai [10:04] aur iss sthan me grha nirman ki hai

    To take His daily Snana, SriSri Maharaj would pass by this very path; His [Holy] feet have touched this earth; it has become pavitra, purified [10:04]; and on this spot this building has been erected.


    Hopefully, will go over and correct this transcript several more times. This is just a first effort.

    Hare Srinivasa

  9. Sri. Joshi avl maha punyasali. No rebirth for him. Mahaperiava engal Deivam. engaluku Mahaperiava kanakila anugraham seithurikirar. Hara hara Shankara Jaya jaya Shankara.

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