This is Shiva bakthi

A perfect example to our ancestors on how they respected our religion, protected our temples and maintained the dignity and bravery.  Without understanding our roots, we are keeping silence to christian invasion and HR&CE atrocities in Tamilnadu. This is bravery!


BTW – who is this person narrating? I have seen the photos but dont know his name – what a beautiful narration?

Aum Nama Shivaya!

Categories: Devotee Experiences, Periyava TV

3 replies

  1. Hearing this, I cried. I offer my Prayers to Sri Mahaaperiyava to protect our Temples, their properties, their rituals, from the clutches of anti-Sanatana Dharma forces spearheaded by Islam, Christianity, and Hindu-dhrogis [traitors].

  2. It is Shri. R.B.V.S. Manian

  3. His name is Sri RBVS Manian

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