Have you listened to Periyava Radio ?

As many of you may be aware, we relaunched Periyava Radio – our spiritual internet radio service, intended to propagate information about Periyavaa’s life and teachings, around Maha Periyava Jayanthi this year.

The new version of the radio includes a complete revamp of the user experience of the radio app, including new  “on demand” content such as Deivathin Kural, anugraha bhashanams of our Periavas etc, streaming content such as upanyasams, bhajans etc and also scores of new features like anushtanam logs, videos, information about satsangs etc.

We have received encouraging feedback from several of the listeners -thanks to all of your kind words of encouragement and motivation. The no of active listeners of the radio has jumped significantly since we relaunched this service and we are hoping to see more engagement, especially from youngsters.

For those of you who have not tried this – we request you to kindly download the app,  listen to our content and provide feedback. The app is available in both iOS app store  and google play store.

We are constantly working on  refreshing the content to provide richness and variety to listeners.

Coming soon – new topics on Deivathin Kural, more upanyasams, themed content around devotees experiences etc.

If you are a listener and would like us to include new type of content, please do drop in a note to us.

We will publish periodic updates in the SoK blog about this radio service

Stay tuned !


In the service of our Poojya Aacharyas

Periyava Radio Team




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  1. Namaskarams. I have downloaded periyava radio app on Android. Everytime, I click on the link to Sastsang directory, the application crashes. Can you please check and advise.

    Jaya jaya shankara.

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