Just when you think that He is just a normal human!

Even for a minute we can’t think of Him as someone with just flesh and bones. He is sarveswaran! He knows all!

A newsletter covering His anugraham equal to all sects of people – a brahmin, a foreigner and a devadasi! This is not just in His days – even today, at Sankara Matam, anugraham is common to all. The media and anti-brahmin thugs spin stories differently.

Our namaskaram to our great guru parampara!


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  1. Am blessed by Sri Periyava, thought of Sri Periyava still continuing by HIS Grace,

    Two days back, am riding a bike, near a curve, just saw a little boy going to school, crossing the road, applied the break, just the bike stopped, am about to fall down, but it was the seconds, bike stopped stand still, i didn’t fell down, i saw Sri Periyava there, Sri Periyava saved me and the boy, and the bike started after just a seconds., about a few meters away, i stopped my bike, i thanked Sri Periyava, HE the “MASTER ” with always with me

    Sri Periyava Saranam ,

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  2. Can someone translate the Maha Periyava newsletter for the benefit of the people at large. It is very difficult to read, understand and assimilate words in chaste Tamil. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara

  3. Namaskaram,

    English translation please

  4. Jai Ma


    At the risk of sounding wicked, or something worse, it is possible to affirm with extreme love and humility at the holy Feet of Sri Mahaswamigal that is someone, no matter how insignificant s/he may consider her/himself to be, were to practice sincerely even a few words that He has suggested, e.g. even a little Sri Gayatri japa, or panchanga reading every day, or reciting the names of Raja Nala, Yudhisthira, Mother Janaki, SriKrishnaChandra, etc. upon awakening in addition to other anushthanas normally performed at that time, the results are very apparent and unique to each individual.

    This is because that person is sincerely obeying the advice of the Holy Teacher, and in turn, that Universal Teacher is showering anugraham, according to the karma of the recipient. At least that is what i understand with my feeble brain. Just a few days back, one was thinking [will never say “meditating” on the kaarunya of Mother Meenakshi, which one does from time to time, and opening this page, which I do daily, immediately came upon SriSriMahaswamigal’s experiences at the great temple in Madurai. Could that be a mere coincidence in a universe where all is “just is”, “parama ananda Madhavam”?

    Specifically, with the Holy Mother Gayatri, by following His words, so many things can happen. Please test this, and His blessings and astonishing LOVE will be there for all to witness in just a few days, or weeks. it will happen to all, male, female, young or old, depending on what each one particularly needs at his/her stage. A Mother knows how Her children should be nourished and will not hold back or discriminate against anyone.

    Hare Srinivasa

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