Orikkai Rajagopuram & Nandhi Mandapam Kumbabhishekam

I understand that this is a little delayed post – the event already happened yesterday. With Mahaperiyava’s blessings, yet another major milestone has been accomplished. As we all could see, the manimandapam is evolving as a huge architecture. It is an amazing work of the trustees of the manimandapam – particularly Sri Gopalapuram Mani Mama….

The following paragraph was sent by someone through email requesting to post. Here it is:


“Sri Gopalapuram Mani iyer, calm, benevolent, unassuming ,exuding a soothing gentleness, with virtuous qualities, unshakable confidence and conviction in Sri Maha Periavas divine and subtle guidance, with boundless vigour, regardless of countless obstacles, resolutly completed the Mani Mantapam project in the most creative way, with a  commitment to fulfill the divine order of Sri Maha  periava, to the extreme satisfaction of the mutt devotees, will be valued forever by one and all,though he refused to  tout his own merits and take personal credit for his achievements. I admire his greatest contribution, made with utmost humility to the Hindu society at large. His determination and precise execution will be a guiding principle, worthy of emulation to the mutt devotees. However the combination of humbleness and integrity, the second nature of Sri Mani Iyer will be highly valued in future. Let me pray Sri Maha Periava to shower his grace to this trusted devotee of the mutt.”

I have heard a lot about him but haven’t met him. Our namaskaram to mama for his selfless service to Periyava.

Although Vignesh Studio kept sending me links, I was not able to post them on-time. However, this is the full 5-hour HD quality video. Pl don’t miss. You can skip and watch the section that interests you.

One thing I noticed in this video is the aerial support for camera crew – I dont know if Vignesh studio hired any chopper companies to do the coverage – simply outstanding!! Hats off to Sri Kumar & team….

Here are my most favorite photos from the video – I just did a screen-scrapping….

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  1. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 no word to express divine happiness.🙏

  2. Vignesh Studio used a drone with a camera to cover the aerial shots. Super coverage indeed.


  4. Dear Sir,Thanks to you and your team and the one whose name is not disclosed out of humility I am sure for sharing the details of the event of the century.A devotee.

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