Sri Vinodh’s experience with Mahaperiyava

Thanks Bharath for this lovely interview. For the first time I am hearing that a devotee had both Mahaperiyava and Sri Pradosham mama together in a dream – how lucky he must be! On top of that Sri Salem Ravi mama gave his blessings and guidance. Sri Vinodh – you are exceptionally a blessed devotee. Let your service to veda rakshanam continue with His blessings! We all will join you in those activities as well.

Mahaperiyava sharanam


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  1. The YouTube videos are unavailable. Can you please check and post the links again? Thank you.

  2. The YouTube videos are unavailable. Can you please check and post the YouTube links again?

  3. please can i get the contact details of Thiru Vinodh Ganapathy

  4. A slogam is mentioned by Mr. Vinod and how he got the lyrics from his cousin’s wife. Can the lyrics be made available.
    With thanks
    Mrs. Sriram

  5. Sri L.S Venkatesan Akshara Paamaaalai


  6. Naturally Sri. Vinodh Ganapathy will be in trance almost for a whole day after the dreams of
    Maha Periyava, since our thoughts also used to revolve for quite sometime whenever we watch & hear such divine experiences. Please let me know where the text of Sri. Venkatesan’s pamalai about Peryiava available?
    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  7. What an experience. It is such a pleasure to hear and see such miracles. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara.

  8. I was emotionally stuck and was in tears by hearing the amazing grace of Periyavaa. I live in Chennai and recently came to know about Namma sampradaya and very much interested to do my possible kainkaryam. I started with a humble contribution to Namma sampradaya this month.I spoke to one Mr. Rajaram.I too wish to help towards the Patshalas in chennai and visit them too..Kindly let me know. Periyava thiruvadi charanam.

  9. thiru Vinodh Ganapathy’s Charter of Demands submitted to periyava-and periyava concedes the demands in toto;what bhakti,what Magnanimity;it stunned me.

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