Siva Saayujyam for a shivacharyar


This happened in a panchabrahma kshetra called Lord Bheeshmeswara in Andhra Pradesh. Leaving this sthoola sareera while doing Shiva Puja is the only thing one could ask for. What more we want. This does not happen to everyone – only to the most blessed ones. Our Namaskaram to the shivacharyar who became one with Parameswara.

Aum Nama Shivaya!

Categories: Devotee Experiences, Periyava TV

8 replies

  1. At the end of the video, there are shooting lights. Divine signs are written all over this video.

  2. Om Nama Shivaaya! The Sivacharya attained Kailasapathi’s Feet effortlessly! The graphic picture cannot be forgotten, though it may be disturbing for many!

  3. Namaskar.

    Thank you. The video could not be played. Any antidotes?

  4. Really very blessed soul… Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  5. Attained moksha literally at the feet of Parameswara!!

  6. Ana seyana maranam

  7. Enna oru kodupinai… Om nama sivayah 🙏🙏🙏

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