Place for Vapanam in Bangalore — Bala Periyava!


Hariharan PournamiPournami

LC Venkataraman was in Kanchi mutt a few weeks back and happened to have a discussion with HH Bala Periyava. Swamigal was emphasizing the importance of following our tradition and culture and drew specific attention on the importance of “Shika” (Kudumi in tamil) and asked to drive the below initiatives.

Today, many people with Shika, especially Vaideega’s, do vapanam (shaving & haircut) in Saloons and travel back home for a bath. However, as per our tradition, they are supposed to do snanam (bathing) immediately after vapanam and shouldn’t step out before doing snanam. To give life to this tradition, He has instructed to rent a place where the concentration of Vaideega’s are more and facilitate vapanam and arrange for snanam for them.

HH Periyava also mentioned that there are lots of people in Bangalore who want to donate their hair for Tirupathi Devasthanam, but for some reason don’t manage to…

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  1. Excellent idea. We need to revive our tradition. Thank you Bala Periaval.

  2. VAPANAM. i RECALL …when I was under 10 , I used to have vapanam form the barber of the village on our backyard, and go to River Cauvery for bath and enter the house from the front side of our agraharam.
    In case of no water in the River we, take bath in the house …entering through back yard, and my grand mother would pour water over our head.. WE were taking proper care not to go near others on the way
    and take bath doing Japam on Rivr bank, or splash water on others….We take a dip without disturbing others.


    river C

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