Jayanthi Mahotsvam in Chicagoland – A Roundup Report

Thanks to all devotees in and around Chicagoland who attended the Jayanthi event for Periyava. With Periyava’s blessings the event went well. On 8th (Fri), we had roughly 120 suvasinis who participated in Lalitha Sahasranama Kungumarchana – absolutely fantastic to see all of them doing aradhana to ambal.  On second day, since it rained hard in the morning, some of the folks who planned to attend couldn’t make it. Despite we had a good participation of 50+ ritwiks for Mahanyasam & Ekadasa Rudra parayanam followed by Rudra Homam.

We are grateful to have Sri Chandrasekara Gurukkal & Sri Kalyanasundaram Sastrigal to conduct this event along with Sri Mallikarjuna Sarma.

Special thanks to devotees from Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, St. Louis who drove all the way to attend this event. Also a big thanks to Satheesh, another Cognizant employee, ardent Periyava devotee to send us a lot of fresh Vilvam leaves for archana…We had a wonderful time doing ashtotram using those at the event. Thanks to our vakkil Anna Sri Venkatasubramanian for giving me that lovely Kreedam when I met him last week in India…

The event was simple but successful as we did everything possible for Mahaperiyava. Sincere thanks to all volunteers who rolled up their sleeves to help us out.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take much photos/videos as I was busy running around. Here is a small clip from the event….

It was a treat to our eyes to look at how Mahaperiyava was looking with all alankarams (Thanks to Meena Subi!), Kreedam like a Maharaja! I call Him Chicago Maharaja!

Mahaperiyava Sharanam!

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  1. I think we are getting into an unnecessary debate on this. No one has any statistics on the respective counts. We should appreciate their efforts to create the environment of their home land and educating the future generation. R.K.Narayan has once said that one will appreciate the value of his native place only when he is away from it. It is not a surprise that children in India learn Vedas, do Anushtanams, and show their proficiency in music, dance etc. because they live here in India. It will be a misfortune only if some miss out on the opportunities available here. Let us give them a big hand rather than finding fault with their mindset.

  2. Many Indians living abroad have a mindset that reflects an unfortunate superiority. And all this only in order to justify their travel/settling abroad,

    • I beg to differ with you Sir! I live in India, but I can understand their predicament. They live in a totally alien atmosphere in an alien country, most of them out of compulsion rather than out of choice. They want to create an environment where they feel at home in their mother country. Not only that; they are following so many of our Hindu customs than most of us who live in India. They do daily Anushtanams, they celebrate Hindu festivals, Sankara Jayanti, Periava Jayanti, Anusham pooja etc. their children learn Carnatic music, Vedas and Samskrit. They are conscious of the Hindu customs, more than a majority of the Hindus who live here. We should appreciate them rather than denouncing their activities as ‘Show of superiority complex’. There may be a small percentage of such mindset. But you cannot generalize it.

  3. I could not find children or Indian American youth in the gathering for the Jayanthi event. Hope some efforts are taken to spread the messages and teachings of Periyava of Kanchi Mutt among the Indian community in the US. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

    • like I said, my video is not a full reflection of the entire event. Honestly, I see US children are lot more involved in our religion, culture than Indian children.

      • //I see US children are lot more involved in our religion, culture than Indian children.//

        That is a pretty subjective statement. I would not get into comparisons but having seen both the sides of the world pretty closely I have my own opinion. We should also not forget the countless children (and their families) across all over Bharatham who sacrifice a lot and study Vedas/Sastras for Lokha Kshemam. The amount of energy, discipline, and bhakthi these kids are beyond words. I would say the same for kids who are not learning Vedas but involve in other spiritual activities. Rama Rama

      • Well, that’s my view and not expecting anyone to subscribe to that..

      • An average Indian living in India, irrespective of his religion or caste, is much above those living in foreign soil in comprehending things. Especially people living in Vedapatashala or doing religious activities in Mutts as per Hindu dharma are blessed my Maha Periyava for their selfless service. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  4. எப்படிய்யா இத்தனை அருமையா பண்றீங்க? பக்தி, ஈடுபாடு, உத்ஸாஹம், பெரியவா அனுக்ரஹம் எல்லாம் தெரியுது உள்ளங்கை நெல்லிக்கனி போல. இதுதான் சத்ஸங்க் !

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