Invitation to Paashuka Chathurmasya Mahayaaga near Vijayawada

Sri Anjaneya Sarma and his family for generations are blessed by Mahaperiyava and have been doing such yagnas regularly. Currently he is teaching few vidyarthis in Vijayawada.

Devotees near Vijayawada are blessed to have such events happening in their neighborhood and should attend and support the event.

Periyava Sharanam

Paashuka chaaturmaasya mahaa Yaaga1Paashuka chaaturmaasya mahaa Yaaga2

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  1. Experience with Mahaperiayava- “PAASHUKA CHAATURMASYAM YAAGAM” (Shri Dendukuri Anjaneyar Wajpayee, Vijaywada) –

  2. paashuka chaturmasya mahayagam;do the organisers intend to send prasadam to donor devotees-irrespective of amount donated,if the donor devotee sends his name,nakshatram,gothram and also the address to which prasadam to be sent.kindly advise.saubhagyam

    • Of course.. surely Prasadam’s will be senses to the donars.. send name address phone number for Prasadam and full name , details

      • For further details please contact to the following number 9393936673
        9701352582 karthikeya sharma

  3. Can you please send higher resolution images of the same? Unable to read the contents.

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