New and Shiny Periyava Radio V2.0

On this auspicious Mahaperiyava’s 125th Jayanthi Day, Periyava Radio is taking a new avatar. Yes, after 3 years of non-stop service, with the help of selfless devotees of Periyava Radio satsang, the whole app has been redesigned to enhance the user experience. Very sleek, intuitive, stable architecture backed by powerful db to bring the best to you. Putting technology to work for us and deliver the best results. I am personally very excited with the work of the team – I am sure you will love this too.

We have added

  • several on-demand audio and video contents
  • 150+ anusham satsang centers around the world
  • Nithya karmanushtanam log – something we must do before we call ourselves Periyava devotees
  • Dedicated Dheivathin Kural audio playlists
  • And many more…

Team has been working non-stop to bring out these enhancements. They will continue to work on this initiative to do continuous improvements.

Checkout the app – go to play/App Store and search for “Periyava Radio” – install it to enjoy! Share this app with your friends. Pl share your feedback in the App Store and also through the app.

Be connected with Periyava always through Periyava Radio!

As always, we have special program on the radio for 125th Jayanthi – Don’t miss!

Last but not the least – big thanks to Hari, Deepak, Lakshmi, Gayathri and Chitra for helping us with wealth of contents. Special thanks to Uday & Vinoth for the outstanding work!

Android –

iOS –

Periyava Radio Team!

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  1. I am unable to install the App in my Samsung Tablet which runs Android 7.1.1, whereas I could install it in my mobile which runs on Android 7.0. Please suggest me a solution to install in my Tablet

  2. Congratulations to one and all for the wonderful app ”Periyava Radio”.
    Best wishes to the whole team for the future and hope everyone listening to this Radio can contribute in whichever way the admin may require. Periyava Sharanam.Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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