Experience with Mahaperiyava by Kalladakurichi Sri Narayanan, BHEL

Beautiful interview! Interesting thatha – with impeccable memory. Oh boy – he remembers every second of the incidents that happened in his life so far. He recollected not to minutes but even to seconds that happened 40 years back.

It is quite funny that he is so particular in certain of sequencing the events and ensures that paati also follows the same. It was at least 20 times he interrupted her flow correcting etc. Look at her face – she was patiently tolerating all that and continues as if nothing happened – porumayin sigaram!!! These are the fundamental characteristics that our elders had that helped to have such a lovely long-lasting married life. I love the way he asks her by saying “ippa sollu”!!!!

Periyava bakthi and the way Periyava acknowledged and blessed their family is so divine. The way Periyava recognizes that thatha’s mother thought of Him at her last minute is very touching…How much He cared for the upanayanam of their children is so lovely! Very blessed family!

Our namaskaram to thatha & paati.

Beautiful interview – don’t miss.

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  1. I’m really blessed by Periyavaa to see this interview

  2. I am from Kallidai Kurivgi.
    In which street in Kallidai, this ;blessed; couple had house?

  3. I was seeing this video on youtube and surprisingly, received an email about new blog post. I was amazed by mama’s memory… he vividly remembers every detail to the second… and maami is patience personified….

    i was grinning ear to ear throughout the video…what a blessed couple !!

    – Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara

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