Go to matam – a surprise awaits you!

I met Sri Sriram of Mumbai in Sri Matam last week and he narrated this incident.

As with hundreds of us, he was also longing to get Mahaperiyava padhuka. He reached out to so many people and asked. Almost all the time, the common response was “it is very difficult to get wooden padhuka that was worn by the Mahan. Maybe you should look for silver padhuka that will be kept in the adishtanam and blessed by other Periyavas too”. However, his search / thirst never ended.

During one of his trips to Chennai, he went to Orikkai in the evening and he was greeted by the mama who used to do puja there. He knows Sriram. After some time when Sriram was about to leave, that mama apparently said “go to Matam…a surprise is waiting for you”.

Sriram had no clue on what that meant. He went to the Matam – after having all darshans, he went to see Sri Balu mama and while talking he was mentioning about his search for padhukas etc. The next minute mama blesses Sriram with this padhukas – yes, the exact same padhukas that you see in the picture!

What a great experience and abundant blessing for Sriram and his family! Aho baghyam! Very deserving family for having the holy padhukas.

Devotees in Mumbai should visit Sriram and do namaskaram to the padhukas.

Sriram – pl feel free to correct if I have misstated anything that you narrated me – I am getting old 🙂

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Jaya Jaya sankara.Similar to earlier entry from London ,can anyone inform us of periyava
    satangs in the Uk please?

    • Can you please provide your contact or reach out @meerasan78@gmail.com. We can share details if either of us succeed or can check on the feasibility on organising a sastang here. Thanks.

  2. Generally, saints have 2-3 pairs of Padhukas. It is true that one who deserves will get it by his grace.

  3. I had opened to read this article in the morning. But something or the other came up in office that I could not read. I was stressed about so many things today. I read this once I reached home and I feel so much better. It’s almost like recieving his blessings . Thank u for sharing.

  4. Namaskarams. Praying for blessings from Mahaperiyava. I come from Coimbatore and have very recently been inducted by Periyava and have been reading and watching videos. It is unfortunate I did not know anything about HH early in life. I am being positive and happy that it is now than never. Are there any satsangs in London? If so can you please share the details. Also, are there any guidance on how to do Anusham poojai at home? Looking for guidance here. Sincere thanks and Namaskarams to all those who organize, maintain and contribute to these mediums of preserving the greatness of Kanchi Matam and the principles.

  5. Aho bagyam! Anna if you can also post Sri Sriram Anna’s photo. Next time in Sri mattam or orrukkai if we see him , it will be a blessing to see him , recognise him and speak a few words to him. Just a thought. Namaskarams to Periyava thiruvadi 🙏

  6. pranams. we will be blessed to  get the darshan  of padukas. can you please give the address  at mumbai

    lalitha jai mata di

  7. I have heard about blessed souls possessing Mahaperiavaa ‘s padukas. I would feel very sorry for not having Mahaperiavaa’s paduka. But Mahaperiavaa blessed this soul when asked Him to give a mind to always remember Him. Do not want anything else in this world except His blessings.

  8. Mahesh.

    what you narrated above is perfectly right. Yes I am really blessed. I got padhuka 25 years after periyava attained siddhi.

    I used to tell all my known circle, if you pray at adhishtanam you get answer at Periyava kovil ( manimandapam)

  9. How Do we contact Sri Sriram in Mumbai? Pls share contact. My phone number is 9594950942- geetha

  10. My eyes well up with tears as I read this! I too long to have His Padukaa to Bless my whole vamsam… Will humbly wait in prostration

  11. namaskaram-where is Sri.Sriram living in Mumbai and his contact number/s and address please.


    • i am at Mumbai staying at Kandivali east Lokhandwala township. My contact number 9223304599

      • Sriram Sir, I stay at Malad (East). I will definitely visit your blessed place to have a darshan of the Paadhuka.
        By the way, we conducted Paadha Pooja three times at my place in 2016 / 17. But I think it was a different Paadhuka .
        Shankar Ramchandran 9022758972

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