Acharya, you can punish me!


It 1912-1915. Soon after the initiation of Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal as the new peedathipathi of Kanchi mutt, his Vedic studies started at Kumbakonam. Sri Anantharama Sorwthigal was the Vedic tutor (Prathama Adhyapanar) to Periyava.  His teacher was then residing at 17, Melkarai, Mahamagam Kulam. Periyava was very obedient and devoted to his teacher and his wife, Annamma. Their only daughter Visalakshi and son-in-law Narayanan also lived there.

Periyava was studious and sharp in grasping concepts. Though for his age, he was sometimes playful, he was a good student. There had been some instances when the tutor pinched his thigh and slapped his back for not paying attention. Soon after the act, the tutor would say “Pardon me Periyava for punishing you. Have you ever heard of such a dialogue? It seems Periyava answered, “Acharya, you are my teacher, I am your student. Do not treat me as Periyava. You have every right to punish me.”  That was his simplicity and non-egoistic attitude.

Periyava had a very high memory power as that of elephants.  Even before the age of 25, he had the premonition power and divine dharshan. He reproduced from memory all that was taught at a stretch. As little girls, my grandmother Nagam and her younger sibling Chellam used to go daily to the mutt next door to give milk in a pot for Periyava to quench his parched throat. Thus these girls playfully did seva to Periyava without knowing it. They were the granddaughters of Sri Anantharama Srowthigal.

One day Narayanan was sitting at the mutt with his father- in- law. Periyava suddenly summoned Narayanan to get up and go home. After reaching home, Narayanan died within minutes. Such was the vision and guidance of Periyava. After reading this you might be thinking, how come such details have been reproduced here? I am the grandson of Nagam. He continues to shower his benevolence and grace on us down the generations. My Pranams to his holy feet.


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  1. Nice article but before the age of 25 Maha periyaval attained the completeness is not true. H.H came at the age of 12 and it might have taken less than 2-3 years complete savikalpa and Nirvi Kalpa and might have consolidated. Once initiation by divine mother started the Kundalini initiation etc Very quick in having darsan of Absolute brahman. Because of Kundalini kriya kick-off the honey which comes out and drenches 72k nadis HH will not have any hunger, appetite etc. Once attained the Brahman darsan the whole world under their foot. Whole vishwam( prapancham ) at his feet that is what divine mother bestows. But no achryas of either kanchi or Sringeri mis-use that power.

    So if you listen to any miracle or siddis- they are nothing but divine intervention.

    Please read yoga Enlightenment and Perfection – an example of Absolute Brahman how appears.

    Even if one listen to talks with sri Ramana also same. Even infront of Eswara(H H) is standing and talking to us, we cant interpreate whom we are talking to :)- because we have complete avidya-

  2. As divine disciple, Maha Periyava grasped Vedic knowledge in shortest time and became a universal teacher for mankind. Truly, a Living God whose blessings we need to navigate the troubled times in this Karmic life. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  3. My goodness, what a grace and divinity!!

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