Living with Mahaperiyava – Smt Meena Narayanan

Thanks to Smt Meena and Sri Bharath for this interview. It turned out that Smt Meena is a relative of my friend in Chicago. She has a great story-telling skills – able to captivate the viewers. It is very clear that she is blessed by Sri Mahaperiyava and without that none could have His darshan – be it in-person or in dreams.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. I need to contact Mrs Meena Narayanan as she is a pranic healer

  2. Jai MA


    She seems to be a very dynamic and wonderful lady with much of significance to relate.

    She also seems to be fluent in English. If she could kindly dub this video in English or somehow retell the events in English, it would reach a much larger audience, including non-Indians.

    I pray she will read this humble plea and Sri Mahaswamigal will allow His manifold activities to spread even farther.

    Actually, this very evening, was thinking about the Mahaswamigal and how difficult questions regarding Him today can only be resolved by devotees such as this who have some form of communication with Him, who are joined spiritually with Him.

    What i cannot understand and perhaps will never deserve to is this: was the holy Mahaswamigal always an Ishwarakoti being, or had He been a jivakoti being who gradually progressed through illusory time and illusory rebirths to becoming not just an iswarakoti, but also a lokaguru, jagatguru, lokanayaka?

    In many ways, he singlehandedly revived the Vaidika tradition that was moribund, and he did so invisibly, keeping himself so much in the background that modern scholars trained in the western mode will deny his role altogether. If we insist, they will term us “hindu fasicsts” and worse. Today, that vaidika tradition is undergoing such a resurgence that it is difficult to believe.

    But anyway, was Mahaswamigal ever a jivakoti being? Did he ever progress from the lowest states of animals, etc. moving slowly from birth to birth to human and then to His final glory? Or was He always marked as Ishwarakoti, destined solely to bring Dharma to humankind, and not subject to the type of karmic klesha of jivakotis?

    Supposing for argument’s sake only, that SriSriMahaSwamigal had indeed progressed from being a jivakoti to iswarakoti, then at what juncture did the crucial mental transformation occur? What allows that crucial spark to emerge and to take hold, that will take a lower being to a human birth?

    Having found a human birth, what are the keys that propel some towards the positive path? Others having abundant virtues, or qualities, either cannot or do not wish to.

    Sri Hanumanji, after He first saw Ravana, remarked that the latter had all the sterling qualities save one.

    Maricha, Ravana’s trusted general, and quite possibly similar to him in character and impulses, standing in his sabha told him to his face that Sri Ramachandra is vigrahavan dharma. What prompted him to say this? For so long Maricha faithfully had been supporting Ravana’s plans, no matter how cruel, how immoral, apparently with no qualms. Why suddenly is he discovering something profound now and risking life and career is publicly telling Ravana that Ravana is not the best. This was what Ravana had been trying to be all his life, the Supreme No.1, the Boss of Every ONE. Now his right hand man is telling him he is inferior to his enemy to his face.

    I wish I culd ask SriSri Mahaswamigal, what is the inflection point within even an animal birth that moves it towards the human destiny? And what within the human birth allows another inflection point, be it towards self-realization, or towards “yA devi … vrtti-rupena samsthitA…… dhUmrAyai satatam namaH and so forth.

    He has said “Ambal deceives.” So why do some choose to accept deception, or accept various degrees or it, from deep to not so deep, and and only some rare ones opt for transcendence?

    The confusing issue for me is that there is only one Atman, and only one kaya, one body for the entire perceived creation. Not many. avibhaktam ca bhUteShu vibhaktamiva ca sthitam….

    The dog, the criminal, the murderer, the saint, the Muslim, the Christian, myself who is the bound, are functionally the very same body. So who is seeking enlightenment, who is getting born repeatedly?

    Those Muslims and Christians do not believe in rebirth, and for them, it cannot occur, since their mind determines their reality. What determines the dog’s reality, a worm’s reality? NahUSha was reborn a worm. DRShTi-sRShTi or sRShTi-dRShTi?

    There is some type of anavasthA dosha, infinite regress here. This type of doubt easily could be resolved by Mahaswamigal but He is not easily accessed by ordinary mortals!!


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