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  1. I would like to get a copy of தென்னாட்டுச் செல்வங்கள். It seems it is out of print.

  2. It looks like a photograph and hat a good piece of art by SILPI. Janakiraman Nagapattinam

  3. Ram Ram
    Can I get Sri Kamalambal picture of Thiruvarur also

    • *K.Kannan. Yes. Sri Kamalambal picture is there on page 147 of the first volume of “Thennattuch Chelvangal.’. But being on glazed newsprint, the print quality is not great. It is my impression that some one in Chennai may be having good prints.

      • Thanks ji

        Yesterday I has been to Thiruvarur temple and they also did not have copy.
        They have promised that they will print shortly.
        Ram Ram

      • Sir where can i get Thennattuch Chelvangal book now
        ram ram

  4. Sri. Silpi’s works are indeed an epic by themselves., thanks to guru kataaksham!
    Iam in the process of collecting his paintings and I also bought this book ‘Thennaattu selvangal’, which highly inspirational and reflective of the craftsmanship we had in India.

  5. The temple drawings that Silpi did for the Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan during the years January 1948 to April 1961 have been brought together in two magnificent volumes by Vikatan Publications, titled. “தென்னாட்டுச் செல்வங்கள் “. The drawings are reproduced on glazed newsprint but in a larger format than the weekly magazine. We can see and enjoy hundreds of the stunning drawings from this divinely inspired and gifted artist, and we can also read his comments which are quite informative and engaging. It is doubtful if we can observe so many minute aspects even when we visit those temples! The drawings evoke an indescribable feeling of joy and serenity. In the last half century, the environs of many places have changed for the worse, but we still feel the pristine state in these drawings.The volumes would be a treasure in every astika household.
    Though most of the drawings are in black and white, there are a few colour drawings also. This picture of Sri Tyagaraja Swami appears on page 645 in volume 2.

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