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During my Jan-Feb trip, I visited this ghosala in Nangavaram roughly 20 mts from Trichy.  My friend wanted me to come and see this as this is Mahaperiyava related and he took me to this place.

I was quite impressed with the location, which is right by Cauvery banks in a serene environment. Mahaperiyava did chaturmasya vratam at this place several years back. Sri Matam and Nangavaram Pannai go way back in history in their association. Read this article to know about their links.  property belongs to one of the Sri Matam Trusts. However, they have given permission to Nangaravam Pannaiyar and Sri Krishnan to have a ghosala. Earlier Krishnan started this as a ghosala. Later he built a small structure to keep a dhyana mandapam for Mahaperiyava. In his video, he tells how many things in the form of 9. It is interesting….My friend had helped in getting all the Periyava pictures done for this place. This year for Periyava aradhana they did a laksha deepam, arranged veda parayanam and many devotees  attended the event. Also I saw a photo recently in social media where they also got a very beautiful panchaloka vigraham of Mahaperiyava.

Coming to the cows, it is quite commendable that he has adopted almost 30+ cows that have stopped giving milk and rescued from slaughterhouses. He is one of the gho-sevaks in the Trichy area. As part of this network, he gets notified about any cows that are being stopped by police that are illegally transported etc and gets an opportunity to adopt them. While many ghosalas shy away from adopting non-milk yielding cows, he has taken up that task and have housed several of them. Hats off to him. Cows are healthy and well-maintained..They are currently expanding and trying to improve the infrastructure so that more cows could be accommodated.

On the financial side, they seem to be managing well. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to support them. The cost of the maintenance has significantly increased. I offered my piece of advice to Krishnan to stick with the original reason why all these started – the cows – and not to get distracted too much on other things. I am sure Mahaperiyava will bless this place and help run this smoothly.

Sri Krishnan can be reached at +919944006688.



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  1. Krishnan Sir very proud of your service.
    Can you please share some details to contribute to this ghosala. Mode of transfer like account details.

    Thanks Sonia Lakshmikanthan

    • Please send your email & number

    • Please send me your email ad mobile number.

    • Madam, I tried to create account in this website. But I can’t create it. As ai don’t know where are you from, Please call me to my phone number so that I can tell you about our activities and will send you the account details. Kindly don’t mistake me,Madam.
      +91 99 44 00 66 88.


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