Sri NTR praying Mahaswami

Thanks to Sri Halasya Sundaram Iyer for the photo share….We have read articles about how Sri NTR stayed highly devoted to Mahaperiyava all his life. Good to see this photo….

Periyava Sharanam



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  1. It is not surprising Pseudo secularist indira Gandhi shed her mask on her mask after having darshan of Mahaswamigal. She repented for sins of emergency when Mahaswamigal was under maunavratham for one year in the well platform at Thenambakkam.On HIS advice she becam adevotee of Ramana Maharishi. Indira changed Laccadive into Kakshatheevu and NEFA as Arunchalpradesh as advised.NTR refused to sit on a chair near MAHASWAMIGAL and sat under his feet on floor. SO ALSO RAJIV WITH SONIA First President of India Babu Rajendra Prasad got opinion from MAHASWAMIGAL before approving amedment to Hindu code brought out by Nehru.kns


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