Enakka vendik kondanam?

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My wife had a severe health problem. The doctor’s opinion was to do a major operation and that too immediately. I admitted her in a popular nursing home in Tiruchy. The surgery was scheduled for the next day. Only me and my wife were there in the hospital. They took her to the operation theatre. My mind was very upset with confusion and worry. I prayed to our Kuladeivam (family deity) Ezhumalaiyan (the God of the Seven Hills). The unsteadiness of mind persisted. Suddenly I remembered PeriyavaaL. I prayed to Him that after she got well, we both would come and have darshan of Him, that only He should save her life and that I would offer a sum of Rs. 1,008/- as kaanikkai (token of my gratitude). Within an hour and a half, they brought her to the ward, the operation being completed.

The doctor told me, “We thought many things about the case, but there was no danger to life. The operation was done successfully” and went away. I mentally prostrated to Ezhumalaiyan and PeriyavaaL. They discharged her in three days and we came to our hometown.

Thereafter, the festival of Gokulashtami came. I told my wife that we should go to Kanchipuram and have darshan of PeriyavaaL and that we should take the snacks such as seedai, murukku to those who do kaingaryam (His attendants) to the sage. Taking our preparations, we reached the Sivaasthanam. After the morning darshan, Periyavaa sat for his anushtanam (daily religious practice) at about seven o’ clock. We could see Him go about His anushtanam inside the Sivaasthanam thatched shed from outside. I was hesistant as to how to express my praarthana (prayer) to PeriyavaaL. I beckoned to an assistant who was serving the sage.

I told him, “I am a bit shy to express it to him. I had done a venduthal (prayed with a vow) to PeriyavaaL. He saved my wife’s life. I need to submit the kaanikkai; don’t know what to do. It would be better if you could make the vignapanam (supplication) to him at an opportune moment and tell me his directions thereupon.”

After Periyavaa finished His anushtanam, the assistant made the vignapanam to Him in a loud voice: “Thanjavur Santhanam has come. He feels shy to make the vignapanam to PeriyavaaL. He says a major operation was done on his Atthukkari (home maker, wife). At that time, he says he did venduthal to PeriyavaaL to save her life. They stand outside as dampati (husband and wife).”

Smiling, PeriyavaaL touched His chest and said, “enakka vendik kondanam? (Was it me he prayed to? Ask him how much?” I said, “I prayed to remit a kaanikkai of Rs. 1,008/-.”

“Ask him if he has brought the money.”

“I have brought it.”

Listing to the conversation, my wife blinked. She knew nothing about my venduthal (prayer and offering).

PeriyavaaL forthwith directed that the fruits, coconuts and other things that were kept there as kaanikkai to Him be gathered in two large plates in such large quatities that it would be difficult to lift the plates. Then He said, “The SastrigaL who is doing the Rig Veda parayanam (reading aloud) here–call him!” That man came. Periyavaa asked both of us to stand together, place Rs.504/- on one plate, give it to the SastrigaL and prostrate.

Then he sent word for another SastrigaL who had finished pArAyaNam of Srimad Bhagavatam there and asked us to place Rs.504/- in another plate, give it to that SastrigaL and prostrate.

Then He told everyone there loudly with that same enticing smile, “You heard this! He says his samsAram (wife) underwent some operation. For that he had prayed to me (to save her life) and has brought Rs. 1,008 to offer to me. Everyone makes supplication to Swami (God), Kovil (temple). And look, this man has prayed to me!” He laughed loudly, and everyone around echoed his laughter.

I was full of shyness.

He gave us His purna anugraham and said, “poyittu vaa (go and come some other time)”. An unforgettable incident that always stands before my eyes.

Author: Thanjavur Santhanaraman
Source: Maha Periyaval – Darisana Anubhavangal Vol. 1
Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya/Fb

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  1. There is no difference between true Saint and God. In Shri Vushnu Sahastranaama, there is one name of Lord as Saint – “संत”.

  2. “Saints will aid if men will call:
    For the blue sky bends over all.”
    – S.T.Coleridge

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