Living with Mahaperiyava – Smt Vidya Srinivasan


(the above drawing was done by Vidya’s daughter – Shwetha)

It should not be titled as “experience with …” as it only would mean that it’s all about past. Actually Smt Vidya is pretty much living with Periyava, talks to Him, feed Him on a daily basis etc – I know that and also she says in the video also.

I have heard many of the incidents through her that she had narrated in the video but not all – particularly things happened prior to her wedding etc. I did not know that she is actually a sanyasini-aspirant. Thanks to Periyava for not blessing for that wish as we would have lost a great upanyasaki today 🙂 It is all His divine play.

I remember how she started the satsang in the Bay Area and how much it has grown and the steady participants. Her husband Sri Srinivasan is an amazing man – great interest in vedas and various other scriptures – you can actually see lots of the books he uploaded in Scribd under the username krishvidhya2000. Although I’ve been talking to this family often, we haven’t met yet – soon we should do that.

Thank you Smt Vidya for the video and being a good friend of mine.

Enjoy this great video!


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  1. What a blessing. Yenna thavam seithanai.

    Thanks for sharing Mahesh.

  2. would it be possible to get Smt Vidhya’s contact

  3. feel blessed..thanks for sharing devotional experience and video.

  4. Wow.. amazing experiences and excellent drawing by Shwetha👌

  5. Amazing and divine experiences .. Great soul.. Thanks for sharing …Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  6. Very happy to see the face behind the audios of the satsang. After hearing the audios, I had always wanted to get to see/ talk to Mrs. Vidhya Srinivasan! As there was some soul connection I always felt after hearing an audio – be it Nayanmars, appar charitram etc. I had asked Mahaperiyava and he fulfilled my wish today. Great feeling to see noble souls .


    Absolutely overwhelming narration..Thanks for making us meet a blessed soul.


  8. Jai MA

    Without some kind friend inserting subtitles or a translation, her remarkable video will be unintelligible to those without Tamil.



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